Sunday, August 13, 2006


My Glass Doth Truly Runneth Over

The above photo was taken by me at a restaurant recently. The young waitress poured my glass over the brim which caused the excess ice cubes and water to go tinkling to the floor. She left the ice cubes on the floor of this high-end, famous restaurant and blithely went about her business. She did this not once, but twice. When it happened the second time, I paid attention. A message was being conveyed to me: I was to observe the energy of the place I was seated, the waitress, and/or possibly my own energetics. In not very long a space of time, another wait-help dropped a fork at my feet. Hmmmm--this action made me wonder even more what was going on. Was this a day for the wait-help to experience what I call the "dropsies", a day where everything you touch eludes your grasp and goes falling to the floor? Or were the wait-help 'out-of-it' and oblivious to this overly full glass of water with water and multiple ice cubes sitting big as life on the floor? Was I sitting in one of the famous Maui Vortices? Was my energy collaborating with the moment/place/people or whatever? Whassup with this event?

Life is full of the 'unexplainable' here on Maui. It happens all the time not only to myself, but to others. Weird things. Cosmic set-ups that defy the logical mind. Frankly, from my experience, weird things happen here in the Hawaiian Islands more frequently than most locations within the United States. Certainly not all places. Why I don't know. Perhaps the answer could be explained in scientific terms were science to want to 'go-there'. Perhaps the answer could be explained in metaphysical, mystical terms.

Like most people who have spent many years living here, we could talk-story all night long about all the weird and freaky cosmic-setups, ghost-stories, things-that-go-bump-in-the-night and the bizarre events we have experienced. One thing is a constant: manifestation happens quicker here. Thought moves at the speed of light. Because of this instant-karma gift, everyone is gifted life lessons here faster than a New York City minute.

Ultimately we choose to determine the meaning of anything that happens to us. In regards to the water- spilling- over incident, I decided (after some thoughtful contemplation) to accept the obvious message : I am blessed with abundance, grace, and love. Doubly blessed.
I like the picture, it has something special would be nice to paint it. It's hard to believe what you wrote but if I were living there I surely would be influenced too. There is something misterious surounding the inhabitants of this island. I had once in my life this feeling of unlogical thinking, that was when I were received by an 89 year old Indian Chief in Wisconsin Dells.
i do enjoy the simplistic nature of the photo, as it spells out perfectly living on the brim or Outer Limits , a place I like to call Maui.
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