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Love Goes Viral

Arwork courtesy of Josephine Wall

There are some images one views and never forgets as the image sticks in your memory forever. When I was very young, one such cartoon left a lasting impression on me. The cartoon showed two long banquet tables. Seated around the banquet tables were dinner guests with handcuffs and chains. Around one table the guests were drooling, crazed, starving, and hungrily staring at food out of their reach at the center. However, at the other table the dinner guests were depicted feeding the guest next to them with an utensil which was easily accomplished because of the reach of the chain. They weren't able to feed themselves, but they were able to be fed by the guest next to them. Of course, the moral of this cartoon was when we help others, we help ourselves, and then all get fed.

I remembered this cartoon today as I was posting a quote on another of my blogs "Moonlight Becomes Me" which features inspirational quotes, moon photos and astrology. Today I posted a quote by Mother Teresa plus I added a link to another blog which came to my attention the other day when the blogger left a comment on this blog. The concept of her blog resonated with me, and so I bring your attention to it. As we spread the love through 1 Million Love Messages, we are not only feeding each other, we are feeding ourselves. Love is a endless circle, and it loops around throughout eternity and like a boomerang, it always returns to us a zillion quadrillion fold. Let's contribute to love going viral on the blogosphere. Why not? Aren't we all hungry for more love in the world?

The sistahs have been helping/feeding each other for a long time in the blog world. Here's a few of which I'm a member: Blogger Chicks, Crazy/Hip Blog Mamas, and Thursday Thirteens. You will find their links on the sidebar.

Another mover and shaker I've discovered through the blog-world is Wendy Piersalls' eMoms At Home. Being the dynamic woman she is, she conceived of a way other women could help other women direct traffic to member blogs through a new group she recently created called Blog Jolt. Although this group is fairly new, the statistics (of a blog which has been jolted by other members) demonstrate participating members can feed each other traffic and links. As it stands now, only one blog per week is selected as the Blog Joltee, but this may change in the future as Wendy has written there may be mystery jolts, double jolts per week, and who knows what else she's gonna dream up. This group is by no means a closed, exclusive group, so if you're interested in assisting others, get in touch with Wendy.

Are ya listening Oprah? You're the Current Faery Godmother of Spreading The Love.

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Wow Kuanyin. That post brought a tear to my eye. You write beautifully and I am touched by your kind words. Keep up the great work on your great blog and enjoy your week in the spotlight. You deserve it! :)
You said it ! Very interesting what you wrote.

I saw Oprah when I were in the States, sometimes I liked her sometimes not, but one thing is for sure, she is an amazing woman !
Hi Kuanyin,

Thanks for the reference and for the support to this project.

I'm glad that u like 1 Million Love Message's idea.

Just one correction: I'm not "her"... i'm a boy with a good heart :-)

Thanks again and... best regards from Portugal.
Hi, Lovely post! In my culture (Jewish) we have the story a little different. There's heaven and hell. In heaven people are all feeding one another with long spoons and forks. In hell they can't figure it out and they're starving. Makes sense to feed one another here on earth, no?

Good luck! Linda
Hi, Kuanyin --
I've been browsing your blog, I like the gentle contemplative tone. It feels like a song.
Hi! Nice site. I will be back. Visit mine too and leave a comment please. If you want to link exchange or banner exchange we can do, give a message to me.
Excellent post Kuanyin! It reminds me that I should comment more on the blogs that I like so much and show a little love :)
Great site!
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