Sunday, August 27, 2006


Gardening & Blogging

Blogging is a lot like gardening in that you need to tend to both of them everyday lest they wither. I have discovered evidence for this truth through life experience. Let's take my garden first. In the lowlands of Maui, this summer has been extremely hot. One of the first things I do every morning is to water and tend my plants on my deck. (The yard is taken care of with the in-ground timed sprinkler system.) This act of watering & tending is as good for me as it is for my plants, for it is very relaxing and healing for me. I make a great start to my day when I greet the day with gratitude for the beautiful greenery and flowering, growing, and budding plants. The orchid plant photographed above was a gift from friends last year, and it is thriving.

Despite my diligent watering and tending of my beloved plants, two of them mysteriously shriveled up and died in the space of one day. Perhaps there was a gamma ray burst or something peculiar that fried them? I don't know what happened to my beloved friends/plants, and their sudden demise has saddened and troubled me. Why did one plant fry while a similar sister sitting next to it live on? Life and death are most mysterious! What is the secret for thriving? I'm sure a lot of people would like to know the answer.

Blogs are similar in that you need to post every day, or when you check your Technorati rankings, you've moved back a notch and withered a bit. My partner speculates why this happens. He describes moving backwards in Technorati rankings like this: there is a gate which bloggers are trying to push through. This gate becomes smaller the higher you ascend, and thus, the push and competition to get through this gate is more intense the higher you rank. If you don't post every day, you've lost your push-power.

Mind you, I'm far from one of the big, super-successful bloggers, but I have been ascending in Technorati rankings little by little, rung by rung. Similar to my garden, I attempt to post (tend) every day. However, there are times when I simply can't because of emergencies, electric power failure, computer difficulties, travel and LIFE CALLING ME TO LIVE AWAY FROM MY COMPUTER. It's like the "Mother May I" game we all played as children. Sometimes there's a giant step backward when the famous Murphy of Murphy's Law makes his appearance in my blog life. Thank God it's not life or death with a blog as it is for plants. I keep my priorities straight on this matter.

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Hi Kuanyin,

I enjoyed learning a little about Hawaii this morning! I have wanted to visit there for a long time. I'm in Mesa, AZ and relate all too well to withering plants with any missed care and sometimes even with it! I find the real joy in blogging is to keep your individual style and personality in place while sharing it with others. The ratings largely take care of themselves with enough time doing it. I'm glad to hear and see your ranking increase over the longevity of your blog, and especially glad to see you not pulling many of the typical tricks of today's bloggers to speed up their ratings. ;o) On top of all that you noted the importance of balance - more specifically time to live life not in front of the computer screen! Way to go!

I loved your post. It reminded meof when I lived with a yard and the peace and love I felt when watering the plants by the patio by hand each day. Need to get some plants for outside my condo!
Nice blog! There is something healing about sharing thoughts and also being outside in the warm sun with colorful plants. Aaaaah.
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