Monday, August 21, 2006


Dog Daze of Summer

It seems to me as if August is an extra-long month. Does this endless-August-feeling have to do with the heat or the fact that August is the last official month of Summer? I'm not sure why, but I get restless every August! I find myself doing some stupid things I normally wouldn't do...for example, watching tv shows I would normally disdain and turn off immediately. However, summer after summer my partner and I watch Big Brother, even though it's a show designed for voyeurs, and it's often mean-spirited and cruel.

With that said, Big Brother is also touching, funny, and we inevitably fall in love with the characters. Poor Chicken George we remark to each other! Or "Wow, she's really smart. She's the brightest one on the show." Or "Howie blew it by acting like such a bad sport!" when Howie was voted off last night and took Mike Boogie's cap off his head and threw it across the room. We root for our favorites to win. Judging by the popularity of the show, George Orwell's 1984 is here to stay as this show is super popular. Stars, or maybe a better wording would be 'semi-celebrities', are birthed on this series.

Watching this show as we do three times a week (or we DVR it so as not to miss it!), we don't catch everything the cameras catch. However, the dedicated, fanatical voyeurs watch what is NOT on the edited television version and share it on You Tube for the rest of us who have a life. God Bless their souls.

And so it was that I chanced on a You Tube video from one of my reads: The Best Week Ever. By taking the time (bored out of my mind, but curious as hell) to watch why Mike Boogie was putting himself in the box outside by the pool (which normally is for the pool cleaning equipment) and hearing the noises and watching the clean-up afterwards, I had an answer to one of my many questions. What is that you ask? It's this: if cameras are everywhere and you're imprisoned in this house for a long time, when do you have a chance to do OTHER THINGS? So there you have it--you go inside a pool box. Simple explanation. If anyone is curious enough to want to bother, here's the link. It's the third one down.

Like I said earlier---the dog daze dumbs me down!

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OMGoodness, I'm so glad i'm not the only mama who loves BB All Stars LOL! I really enjoyed your link to the other videos of Boogie etc.. About a 10 on the "this is really NOT any of my business" but it was a hoot and I'm sure my friends will all have a great giggle tonight thanks to your post! Thanks!
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