Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Beginning of Blog Jolt & A Blog Birth

For those women that might be interested in participating, eMoms At Home blogger Wendy Piersall has organized a group of women to kick off the first Blog Jolt. To sign up contact Wendy before Thursday.

On another note: I have launched another blog titled Vintage Tees. I will showcase a different t-shirt with each posting, and each t-shirt will come with it's own story. The concept is to offer these t-shirts for trade on Craig's List and trade-up. The inspiration for this vintage t-shirt blog came to me after reading the amazing story of Canadian blogger Kyle MacDonald.

MacDonald (age 26) swapped his way from a red paperclip to a house online. He began by posting a notice on Craigslist with his offer of a red paperclip. He wanted something bigger, and the 'bigger' came in the form of a fish-shaped pen. The trading then began in earnest. From this first trade MacDonald moved on up to a doorknob(spelled correctly just in case someone is wondering), to a camp stove, to generator, to a beer sign and keg, to a recording session, to a truck, to a vacation in the Rockies, to a snowmobile, to a year of free rent in Phoenix, to an afternoon with Alice Cooper, to a snow globe, to a movie role, to a NEW HOUSE! He will move into the new house with his girlfriend on Labor Day.

I so loved this entrepreneurial story that I decided to play my own blogging version. We'll see what kind of journeys my vintage t-shirt's and stories take me on. It should be fun!

I take my sun visor off to the inspirational Wendy and Kyle!

I loved the story about the red paperclip! I want to be a trader too! I got a red pen, red shoes, red lipstick, or even lucky red panties? Just kidding on the last one, but lets start trading and see how far it goes?
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