Thursday, August 31, 2006


Thirteen Most Needed Changes on Maui

The Thirteen Changes Most Needed On Maui are listed in no particular order of importance. Since elections will be here soon, these are the issues we want addressed by candidates.

1. Affordable Housing
2. Alternative Energy Sources
3. The long-promised road from South Maui to Upcountry
4. Ground water management
5. An Alternative Route from/to West Maui
6. Safe Bicycle Paths
7. Alternative Cane-burn Method
8. South Maui Hospital
9. Pay Raises for Teachers & Nurses
10. At Least ONE more Gas Station in Hana
11. Reduce Coastal Light Pollution
12. Measures to Protect Wild Coastline
13. Additional Recycling Centers

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Love Goes Viral

Arwork courtesy of Josephine Wall

There are some images one views and never forgets as the image sticks in your memory forever. When I was very young, one such cartoon left a lasting impression on me. The cartoon showed two long banquet tables. Seated around the banquet tables were dinner guests with handcuffs and chains. Around one table the guests were drooling, crazed, starving, and hungrily staring at food out of their reach at the center. However, at the other table the dinner guests were depicted feeding the guest next to them with an utensil which was easily accomplished because of the reach of the chain. They weren't able to feed themselves, but they were able to be fed by the guest next to them. Of course, the moral of this cartoon was when we help others, we help ourselves, and then all get fed.

I remembered this cartoon today as I was posting a quote on another of my blogs "Moonlight Becomes Me" which features inspirational quotes, moon photos and astrology. Today I posted a quote by Mother Teresa plus I added a link to another blog which came to my attention the other day when the blogger left a comment on this blog. The concept of her blog resonated with me, and so I bring your attention to it. As we spread the love through 1 Million Love Messages, we are not only feeding each other, we are feeding ourselves. Love is a endless circle, and it loops around throughout eternity and like a boomerang, it always returns to us a zillion quadrillion fold. Let's contribute to love going viral on the blogosphere. Why not? Aren't we all hungry for more love in the world?

The sistahs have been helping/feeding each other for a long time in the blog world. Here's a few of which I'm a member: Blogger Chicks, Crazy/Hip Blog Mamas, and Thursday Thirteens. You will find their links on the sidebar.

Another mover and shaker I've discovered through the blog-world is Wendy Piersalls' eMoms At Home. Being the dynamic woman she is, she conceived of a way other women could help other women direct traffic to member blogs through a new group she recently created called Blog Jolt. Although this group is fairly new, the statistics (of a blog which has been jolted by other members) demonstrate participating members can feed each other traffic and links. As it stands now, only one blog per week is selected as the Blog Joltee, but this may change in the future as Wendy has written there may be mystery jolts, double jolts per week, and who knows what else she's gonna dream up. This group is by no means a closed, exclusive group, so if you're interested in assisting others, get in touch with Wendy.

Are ya listening Oprah? You're the Current Faery Godmother of Spreading The Love.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006


Gardening & Blogging

Blogging is a lot like gardening in that you need to tend to both of them everyday lest they wither. I have discovered evidence for this truth through life experience. Let's take my garden first. In the lowlands of Maui, this summer has been extremely hot. One of the first things I do every morning is to water and tend my plants on my deck. (The yard is taken care of with the in-ground timed sprinkler system.) This act of watering & tending is as good for me as it is for my plants, for it is very relaxing and healing for me. I make a great start to my day when I greet the day with gratitude for the beautiful greenery and flowering, growing, and budding plants. The orchid plant photographed above was a gift from friends last year, and it is thriving.

Despite my diligent watering and tending of my beloved plants, two of them mysteriously shriveled up and died in the space of one day. Perhaps there was a gamma ray burst or something peculiar that fried them? I don't know what happened to my beloved friends/plants, and their sudden demise has saddened and troubled me. Why did one plant fry while a similar sister sitting next to it live on? Life and death are most mysterious! What is the secret for thriving? I'm sure a lot of people would like to know the answer.

Blogs are similar in that you need to post every day, or when you check your Technorati rankings, you've moved back a notch and withered a bit. My partner speculates why this happens. He describes moving backwards in Technorati rankings like this: there is a gate which bloggers are trying to push through. This gate becomes smaller the higher you ascend, and thus, the push and competition to get through this gate is more intense the higher you rank. If you don't post every day, you've lost your push-power.

Mind you, I'm far from one of the big, super-successful bloggers, but I have been ascending in Technorati rankings little by little, rung by rung. Similar to my garden, I attempt to post (tend) every day. However, there are times when I simply can't because of emergencies, electric power failure, computer difficulties, travel and LIFE CALLING ME TO LIVE AWAY FROM MY COMPUTER. It's like the "Mother May I" game we all played as children. Sometimes there's a giant step backward when the famous Murphy of Murphy's Law makes his appearance in my blog life. Thank God it's not life or death with a blog as it is for plants. I keep my priorities straight on this matter.

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Friday, August 25, 2006


Help Wanted On Maui

Photo: terragalleria

While much of the rest of the country suffers unemployment, such is not the case on Maui. As a matter of fact, there aren't enough people to meet the needs of employers on Maui. Rumor has it that some resorts are paying for the relocation of the much-needed employees from afar.

More Maui News: Two new television shows will begin filming in Lahaina in September: Living Lahaina and Island Fever. My daughter reminded me today as I was posting this that I had predicted many more television shows and films being filmed here in the Islands over ten years ago. She is my record-keeper for my predictions that I toss out and then forget about, and she has the memory of an elephant.

Maui living certainly has it's lure, and sometimes it's hard to return to the Mainland. Here's a recent quote by actor Owen Wilson about his Maui visit, "I went to go stay with Woody Harrelson and his family in Hawaii for four days and it turned into four weeks."

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Thirteen Tasks To Do Today

With Ratings on the Fun Scale from 1-10 (10 being the best)

1. Get blood taken at lab for yearly check-up by my doctor--rating 1

2. Complete (9) blogs before lunch with girlfriend at Five Palms--rating 8

3. Return phone calls and emails--rating 8

4. Discuss upcoming activities, schedules and events with partner...make decisions!--rating 7

5. Tidy up house and attend to household chores--rating 4

6. Edit partner's latest blog posting--rating 6

7. Meet friend for lunch and ocean swim--rating 10

8. Write checks for bills--rating 1

9. Attend foreign art movie at Maui Arts & Cultural Center--rating 10

10. Give attention to neglected cat--rating 10

11. Catch up on world news and emails--rating 7

12. Journal--rating 10

13. Meditate--rating 10

What does this tell you?

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


The Time Draws Near

There was a news story that caught my eye this week: "an Irish company has thrown down the gauntlet to the worldwide scientific community to test a technology it has developed that it claims produces free energy," wrote Yahoo News.

The company called Steorn took a full page ad in the Economist magazine this week. Read more about the company and it's plans here.

Personally I think this is very exciting news--especially with the escalating price of gasoline, electricity and other energy sources. I know there are organizations such as the New Energy Movement and foreward thinking individuals like Brian O'Leary who have been diligently working to inform the public for a long time of the positives for developing free energy resources. Maybe the time has come! Humanity and our beautiful garden- world needs solutions for the increasing instability and imbalances. We are the caretakers. Let us take care.

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Monday, August 21, 2006


Dog Daze of Summer

It seems to me as if August is an extra-long month. Does this endless-August-feeling have to do with the heat or the fact that August is the last official month of Summer? I'm not sure why, but I get restless every August! I find myself doing some stupid things I normally wouldn't do...for example, watching tv shows I would normally disdain and turn off immediately. However, summer after summer my partner and I watch Big Brother, even though it's a show designed for voyeurs, and it's often mean-spirited and cruel.

With that said, Big Brother is also touching, funny, and we inevitably fall in love with the characters. Poor Chicken George we remark to each other! Or "Wow, she's really smart. She's the brightest one on the show." Or "Howie blew it by acting like such a bad sport!" when Howie was voted off last night and took Mike Boogie's cap off his head and threw it across the room. We root for our favorites to win. Judging by the popularity of the show, George Orwell's 1984 is here to stay as this show is super popular. Stars, or maybe a better wording would be 'semi-celebrities', are birthed on this series.

Watching this show as we do three times a week (or we DVR it so as not to miss it!), we don't catch everything the cameras catch. However, the dedicated, fanatical voyeurs watch what is NOT on the edited television version and share it on You Tube for the rest of us who have a life. God Bless their souls.

And so it was that I chanced on a You Tube video from one of my reads: The Best Week Ever. By taking the time (bored out of my mind, but curious as hell) to watch why Mike Boogie was putting himself in the box outside by the pool (which normally is for the pool cleaning equipment) and hearing the noises and watching the clean-up afterwards, I had an answer to one of my many questions. What is that you ask? It's this: if cameras are everywhere and you're imprisoned in this house for a long time, when do you have a chance to do OTHER THINGS? So there you have it--you go inside a pool box. Simple explanation. If anyone is curious enough to want to bother, here's the link. It's the third one down.

Like I said earlier---the dog daze dumbs me down!

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Sunday, August 20, 2006


One of those Who Yo Mama dud jokes

Photo: terragalleria

Today is Beach Day!!! Yahooooo!

Colbert Trash Talks The New Planets and attempts a lame Who's Yo Mama joke! Actually, I'm a big Colbert fan! Here's the link.

You Tube is kinda weird sometimes when I try to link to a video. If the Colbert video doesn't come up for you as it didn't for me when I checked on it and all I got was the snakes on the plane video, try typing Colbert in as he has lots of videos on You Tube.

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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Summertime Joys

Art: Courtesy of Josephine Wall

What are the ingredients for your perfect summer day? What are you doing this summer? I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Comments....please!

Books On My Nightstand:

In the Merde for Love by Stephen Clarke

Blurb from back cover: "Clarke does for Paris what Peter Mayle did for Provence, but Clarke's month-by-month account will have readers chortling throughout...."

The Genesis Prayer by Jeffrey Meiliken

Blurb from back cover: "The Genesis Prayer divulges how we may simply amplify our powers of traditional prayer."

Miracle in Maui by Paul Pearsall

Blurb from back cover: "Miracles are natural. They happen because life is as miraculous as it is precarious..."

Guilty Pleasure:

Big Brother All Stars on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights
FaFarazzi with my own league: Dolfun DLite


Julie's Organic Vanilla Ice Cream & Dark Chocolate bars
Blogging....ten blogs now! A serious addiction to expression & expansion.




Who's Yo Mama has moved up to a Flappy Bird in the Ecosystem

Listening:'s free and fabulous on the net.

In Love Again:

With photography, even though I'm an amateur

Shopping for clothes:

Not interested--this is most bizarre! Can anyone explain this?

Lusting for:

New Toshiba laptop/notebook computer and a new Canon 8 megapixel digital camera

Dreaming of:

Provence, Verona and Ecuador in no particular order


Clothes, dream interpretation, blogging assistance, lunches


Three-week vacation

Wishful thinking/daydreaming:

Windfall, lottery win, dream home or instant enlightment in no particular order


Fresh French goat cheese


My new 2006 car


More swimming...I can't get enough!

Laughing at:

absurd, uncanny cosmic set-up's which happen to me and friends


Peace Peace Peace May all beings be happy. May all beings be free.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Thirteen Things I'm Grateful For

1. I'm grateful for the talented ones who know how to fix things for my family and me...the 'honey-do'men and women of the world. Like the old joke goes--I must have been at the tail end of the line when God/Goddess was handing out mechanical and 'fixing-things' abilites. Were it not for the 'fixers', my lifestyle would crumble.

2. I'm grateful for the friends that 'get-me'. It's so great to share laughs (or tears) with someone with whom you resonate and is a kindred spirit.

3. I'm grateful for friends who are transparent, authentic (aren't running an agenda), and are being simply who they are, for better or worse. You never have to suspect them or watch your back around them.

4. I'm grateful for air conditioning, ice cream, cold drinks and short shorts.

5. I'm grateful for my supportive family, friends and colleagues who provoke me to think, make me laugh, inspire me and challenge me to be the best I can be.

6. I'm grateful that I have the luxury of time to meditate, create, research, study, travel and spend time outdoors in Nature.

7. I'm grateful that I have been gifted with strong intuition, psychic abilities, and knowings and the faith and trust to follow-through on the information I receive.

8. I'm grateful for all the loving peacemakers, artists, healers, benefactors and activists who serve and enhance the lives of many. They are my heroes because of their diligent drive to inform, improve, salvage, inspire and redeem all forms of life. They are the fingers of God/Goddess in action.

9. I'm grateful for the internet, computers, great websites and blogs, alternative information, books, radio and television.

10. I'm grateful to participate and be a witness to this extraordinary time period, the shifting of the ages called The Great Shift.

11. I'm grateful that I see the opportunity that sharing gives me and I'm aware that when I'm receiving with the right thought/consciousness that I'm also sharing.

12. I'm grateful for my angels, guides, Higher Self, inner-child, spiritual beings, and all the many parts of myself that watch over me, protect me and guide me so that I remain in balance with Love/Pono thoughts.

13. I'm grateful that I've learned to regularly let of negative thoughts and emotions so that I'm unencumbered by negativity which allows a clear flow of energy to permeate my being.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Wake-Up Tech Housecall

The other day my several-year-old Dell laptop's keyboard suddenly wouldn't work. Desperate to discover what was wrong with it, I called my hot-shot computer tech. Since he became so popular with the resorts in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to receive a return phone call from him. Weary of this treatment, I called a friend who highly recommended his computer tech who made an appointment with me right away to come check out my laptop. This new computer tech is a dream come true. Not only does he rapidly return our phone calls, he is less expensive than our old one! We are thanking our lucky stars that he is alive and available on Maui.

In a short period of time, he had my laptop up and running again. However, the horrifying news was this: my computer is a relic according to him, and it's only a couple of years old. He looked at my laptop with contempt. I was shocked...have computers changed all that much I wondered? So I began shopping around to see what was going on with laptop technology? A whole lot I discovered, much to my dismay. My Dell laptop computer was like an old granny.

But here's the good news: apparently my Dell laptop was made just BEFORE the flaming, exploding Dell laptops, so my laptop wasn't on the list of the recalled laptops. I went to Dell's website and discovered that granny is safe. Sometimes older is bettah, eh? Go figure.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Alternate Universe

A friend sent this to me today, and I had to laugh! Even though it's a spoof video, it reflects such a different vibe than Maui. Enjoy!

You Tube

Sunday, August 13, 2006


My Glass Doth Truly Runneth Over

The above photo was taken by me at a restaurant recently. The young waitress poured my glass over the brim which caused the excess ice cubes and water to go tinkling to the floor. She left the ice cubes on the floor of this high-end, famous restaurant and blithely went about her business. She did this not once, but twice. When it happened the second time, I paid attention. A message was being conveyed to me: I was to observe the energy of the place I was seated, the waitress, and/or possibly my own energetics. In not very long a space of time, another wait-help dropped a fork at my feet. Hmmmm--this action made me wonder even more what was going on. Was this a day for the wait-help to experience what I call the "dropsies", a day where everything you touch eludes your grasp and goes falling to the floor? Or were the wait-help 'out-of-it' and oblivious to this overly full glass of water with water and multiple ice cubes sitting big as life on the floor? Was I sitting in one of the famous Maui Vortices? Was my energy collaborating with the moment/place/people or whatever? Whassup with this event?

Life is full of the 'unexplainable' here on Maui. It happens all the time not only to myself, but to others. Weird things. Cosmic set-ups that defy the logical mind. Frankly, from my experience, weird things happen here in the Hawaiian Islands more frequently than most locations within the United States. Certainly not all places. Why I don't know. Perhaps the answer could be explained in scientific terms were science to want to 'go-there'. Perhaps the answer could be explained in metaphysical, mystical terms.

Like most people who have spent many years living here, we could talk-story all night long about all the weird and freaky cosmic-setups, ghost-stories, things-that-go-bump-in-the-night and the bizarre events we have experienced. One thing is a constant: manifestation happens quicker here. Thought moves at the speed of light. Because of this instant-karma gift, everyone is gifted life lessons here faster than a New York City minute.

Ultimately we choose to determine the meaning of anything that happens to us. In regards to the water- spilling- over incident, I decided (after some thoughtful contemplation) to accept the obvious message : I am blessed with abundance, grace, and love. Doubly blessed.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


My Thirteen Favorite Restaurants On Maui

1. Roy's Kihei (photos above)
2. Mama's Fish House
3. Gerard's Restaurant
4. Spago's
5. Sansei Kihei
6. Waterfront
7. Haliimaile General Store
8. Brigit & Bernard's Garden Cafe
9. Ferraro's
10. La Provence
11. David Paul's
12. Sarento's On The Beach
13. Big Wave Cafe

Visit other Thirteeners

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Monday, August 07, 2006


Mellifluous Hawaiian Language

Definition of mellifluous in dictionary: sweetly or smoothly flowing; dulcet; honeyed; flowing like or as with honey.

The Hawaiian language is mellifluous. Pure and simple honey. Listening to the Hawiian language spoken or even reading the Hawaiian dictionary, you feel the flow. You feel the honey. What's more, you have the sense of a language that captures a feeling-tone with their definitions.

For example, I randomly opened my reference book "Hawaiian Names, English Names" by Eileen M. Root to a page where my eyes rested upon this word: Ka'apeha which is defined thusly: "cloud of several colors reaching over the heavens, frequently a sign of rain, impressively big, even fat in a distinguished manner, influential and important." Isn't that definition amazing? The English language doesn't convey this same spiritual essence. You can almost imagine an ancient Hawaiian describing this type of cloud.

Although I only speak rudimentary ( everyday & familiar) Hawaiian phrases, I am enchanted with speaking and writing them. The words 'aloha' and 'mahalo' and 'malama pono' and 'E Komo Mai' roll off my tongue with ease as I'm sure they do for most people. Pure honey.

A good online resource for those who would like to know how their name translates into Hawaiian is The Coconut Boyz Hawaiian Dictionary. They also offer a fun tool which is this: write your message in virtual cyber sand and send it to someone via email.

Try on some words from the online Hawaiian dictionary and say them outloud. Then tell me how you feel. You might even go so far as to say this language is liquid light.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Thursday Thirteen

Photo: terragalleria

Thirteen Things I Love About Maui

1. Maui Film Festival Every week Barry Rivers offers another delightful film. This week it was "Mongolian Ping Pong" about nomadic kids "who mistake a table-tennis ball for a glowing pearl from the gods."

2. Star gazing on the beach with long-time Maui astronomy guide Harriet Witt, her telescope and the Maui night sky.

3. The Kaheawa Wind Power Project which is bringing an alternate energy source to Maui. We need a solution to our high costs of propane, electricity and gasoline.

4. Haleakala Crater and other great hiking trails. On Maui there are many trails to reconnect with Nature and with oneself.

5. Pohaku--Hawaiian Stone, ancient, sacred stones which still carry a powerful energy current and facilitate remembrance. (He Ola Ka Pohaku...There is Life in the Stone and Death in the Stone...Ancient Hawaiian Saying) These sacred stones often serve as guardians of various places...others bestow health, growth or fertility...others are used for divination. I love living on an island where stones are alive, known, utilized and respected!

6. Energy centers throughout Maui which have a concentrated forcefield and the ability to tap into them. Some of these centers called 'heiaus'(sacred spots) are well-known, and others are not. These centers facilitate (as do the pohaku) higher connection, energy and focus.

7. Hawaiian music, storytelling, filmmakers and hula. Incredible musicians, singers, storytellers, filmmakers and performers of all ages, shapes and sizes grace us Maui folk with their creativity and respective artforms. A very special film titled "Keepers of the Flame" by filmmakers Eddie and Myrna Kamae about the cultural legacy of three Hawaiian women who kept the flame of Hawaiian culture alive will be shown this Saturday at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center, and this is only one of many fabulous musical offerings on Maui.

8. Dolphins and whales. We have the cetaceans in abundance in the waters of Maui. Spinner dolphins make up the greater portion of dolphins in the waters here, and every winter we are blessed with the annual return visit of the awesome, gentle Humpback Whales who migrate here to frolic, make love and calve.

9. Massage. Per square inch Maui probably has more skilled massage therapists than anyplace else on the planet. Hot rocks massage combined with lomi lomi is my favorite, and I have my favorite therapist of course.

10. Gifted Artists of all kinds. The gift of expression through different mediums is abundant on Maui. Sometimes it seems that the Maui Muse touches everyone at some point in their time spent on Maui whether they are merely passing through on vacation here or living here. Art is everywhere-- it is displayed and for sale at local crafts fairs, swap-meets, in-home salons, and high-end galleries on Front Street and the Shops of Wailea. Writers, poets and bloggers are also touched by the Maui Muse. I have nine main blogs which doesn't include my smaller blogs now. Once the Maui Muse gets ahold of you, you have no choice but to surrender.

11. The democratic, low-key quality of life here. Maui hasn't become totally yuppified and Southern California yet. It's not shameful to drive a Maui Cruiser and being accepted by others doesn't require expensive clothes, accessories and lots of money.

12. Breathtaking views, plentiful rainbows, fragrant smells and tropical greenery. My heart soars when I land once again on Maui after a trip away from my island home paradise. Maui is so lush, green, fragrant, and beautiful that living here is hard to beat. The moment I walk down the airport aisle after de-boarding, and I 'take-in' the island in all its splendor, a rush of gratitude overwhelms me, and I feel connected to eternity again.

13. Ohana-- the Hawaiian word for family and extended family. If you are meant to live on Maui, your kin will gravitate to you like a magnet. I call Maui: M.U. or Maui University--this university is 'real-time' with Life Lessons and Soul Lessons. Mama Maui knows the best, most creative way to teach these lessons. Some folk graduate with honors, and then move on to share their hard-earned wisdom with the world. Some folk get kicked off by Mama Maui. Others stay on to help Mama Maui as her ground crew to facilitate these lessons.

Thursday Thirteen

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Beginning of Blog Jolt & A Blog Birth

For those women that might be interested in participating, eMoms At Home blogger Wendy Piersall has organized a group of women to kick off the first Blog Jolt. To sign up contact Wendy before Thursday.

On another note: I have launched another blog titled Vintage Tees. I will showcase a different t-shirt with each posting, and each t-shirt will come with it's own story. The concept is to offer these t-shirts for trade on Craig's List and trade-up. The inspiration for this vintage t-shirt blog came to me after reading the amazing story of Canadian blogger Kyle MacDonald.

MacDonald (age 26) swapped his way from a red paperclip to a house online. He began by posting a notice on Craigslist with his offer of a red paperclip. He wanted something bigger, and the 'bigger' came in the form of a fish-shaped pen. The trading then began in earnest. From this first trade MacDonald moved on up to a doorknob(spelled correctly just in case someone is wondering), to a camp stove, to generator, to a beer sign and keg, to a recording session, to a truck, to a vacation in the Rockies, to a snowmobile, to a year of free rent in Phoenix, to an afternoon with Alice Cooper, to a snow globe, to a movie role, to a NEW HOUSE! He will move into the new house with his girlfriend on Labor Day.

I so loved this entrepreneurial story that I decided to play my own blogging version. We'll see what kind of journeys my vintage t-shirt's and stories take me on. It should be fun!

I take my sun visor off to the inspirational Wendy and Kyle!

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