Monday, July 03, 2006


Preparing for the Fourth on Maui

Photo: Terragalleria

One year many LONG years ago, I arrived on Maui on a 42-foot sailboat with some friends. We had survived intact even though we had encountered a huge storm crossing the channel from Oahu to Maui, and we were thrilled to sail into Lahaina harbor in one piece. Maui and dry land never looked so good to me! The date was the Fourth of July 1987. I fell in love with Maui one mo' time! It had been my idea--I confess-- for I had wanted to experience Maui on the Fourth of July because this day is a huge party day on Maui. There's a famous rodeo, a parade in Makawao and lots of activities all round the island.

Maui-ians go crazy on the Fourth of July with fireworks. As the sun starts to set, the noise of firecrackers begins! I've never experienced or heard such firework noise in any of the places I've lived quite like Maui. There have been new regulations about fireworks in recent years, so the noise level isn't quite as intense as it once was. And there's usually a huge fireworks display in the evening at one or several locations on the island to ooh and ahh over. As you watch the night sky light up with sparkling, colorful designs, say a prayer of gratitude that these beautiful lights are lights of artistry and celebration and not of war...and remember how lucky we are to live in America, a country where we can celebrate FREEDOM!
Beautiful description!
I wish I was able to watch it! Sounds like the fireworks we have here in Brazil on New Years Eve at Copacabana beach!
The descriptions of your country are very interesting (especially to me, as I love travelling !) Your blog is also made up very nicely. I have another blog too, concerning countries and cities have a look
I have travelled through many countries USA (for 5 years )included and I really cannot agree with you about the FREEDOM over there ! I have never ever stayed in a country with such a little freedom. There are nothing else but rules for everything compared to other countries. But besides that I think we have the same interests ! and I like your humour
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