Sunday, July 30, 2006


New Blogging Mommy Directory

As many readers may have guessed from the clue on the sidebar, I am a blogging Mama. I'd go so far as to say the BEST thing I've ever done is to give birth! Funny thing is: your children may grow up....they may leave the nest...they may marry, but you never stop being their Mother. Motherhood is a life-long commitment, and I am blessed to be a Mother to an amazing daughter. Writing this last sentence brought tears to my eyes because I love my daughter so much! Through her and with her, I have learned unconditional love.

Today the Blog Herald in affiliation with Johnson & Johnson launched a Mommy Blog Directory, and any of my other Mama friends and colleagues reading this can go to the above Blog Herald link and sign up. Here are some quotes from the news release: "It's about amplifying the voices of mom's online." and "...a powerful blog publicity engine."

So from prolific blogger Kuanyin here at Who's Yo Mama, I say to all Mamas: "Let's empower ourselves and put our voices into the blogosphere and be heard. We have great things to share!"

Thanks for the tip about the Johnson and Johnsons mom blog directory, I signed up, and it was a great idea.
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