Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Moon Mysteries

I have been a student of mysteries all my life, and it's safe to say that mysteries gravitate to me as everyday there is a new mystery that begs for attention in my life. My love of mysteries began in grade school with mystery boooks, then I graduated to esoteric subjects and arcane mysteries. What I've discovered about mysteries is that most of them are never completely solved. Just consider how many mysteries there are in your own life that are still unresolved, not to mention the mysteries in the news which make one ponder--for instance, the mystery as to why did Zidane perform the head-butt in the World Cup Soccer Finale? It doesn't seem to make any sense, but then most mysteries never do.

Today is a Full Moon, and it is also a Major Lunar Standstill. What does a lunar standstill mean? Apparently the event of lunar standstill was an event of major importance to the "designers of many stone circles". If you would like to read more about lunar standstills, check out this website. You can also read more here

Most of us by now know that the moon impacts our emotions and our bodies. Does it also impact the rain and cause droughts? Here's a story about one man's investigations into this phenomena.

Are you ready for the weirdest, most mind-blowing investigation of the moon? There is a new book titled "Who Built The Moon" by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler. They ask many compelling questions about the moon, state extraordinary facts, and in general come to hair-raising conclusions about the moon. If you'd like to order it and help me out at the same time, there is an Amazon.com link on my sidebar.

And don't forget to visit another one of my blogs titled Moonlight Becomes Me

On Moonlight Becomes Me, you will discover ravishing moon photography and quotes that beckon one to marvel at our wondrous, mysterious, mystical Moon.

I adore your blog and I really enjoyed this post! I have long been fascinated with the moon myself!

Lisa Roberson :)
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