Sunday, July 02, 2006


Beach #3 of My Favorite Maui Beaches

Maui folk are discerning when it comes to driving across our island for something or someone. It's not that Maui is so big, but with the price of gasoline being what it is here (around $3.60 a gallon), there has to be a strong attraction or need to make one drive even 30 minutes (and often a lot longer!) in traffic. This is why I rarely drive over to West Maui for the road infrastructure going westward is outdated which causes the two-lane highway that curves across the Pali from South Maui to be clogged with stop and go traffic more often than not. Thus, if I want to visit my favorite Napili Bay Beach, I plan ahead for my journey!

My partner and I timed it perfect yesterday and driving from South Maui to West Maui only took us about 35 minutes. I consider this a miracle, for on our way back, the line of cars in stop'n go traffic heading into West Maui was so backed-up that it wasn't until we were in Maalaea that the line of cars lessened. This is crazy! And we didn't even see any accidents or roadwork to explain this stop'n go traffic. However, I hear from others that make the commute every day that this kind of traffic back-up isn't at all unusual, and god forbid if there is an accident, then you can be stuck in non-moving traffic for four or five hours.

By the way, speaking of possible Maui traffic nightmares, read this June 28 Maui News editorial about their SuperFerry position.

Our blessed day started with lunch at Pacific O's, a fabulous restaurant in the 505 Center headed up by a handsome blue-eyed locally-schooled chef, Chef James. We watched a Japanese couple get married as we dined on fresh island fish and a hamburger.

Then we continued on our way cruising down Front Street until we hit the Honoapiliani Highway passing Kaanapali, Honokowai, Kahana and finally arrived at our destination: Napili where this number #3 of my favorite beaches is located. Here's why I love this beach:

1. I have sentimental feelings about this beach because important events happened here that impacted my life in a good way. Everytime I return here, I go back in time to a VERY romatic time! And you know what? The beach always seems to be exactly the same! Hmmmmmm.....
2. It's a cozy beach, has gentle waves with a beautiful curve to it. Curves are good!
3. There is a fabulous restaurant at one end--The Sea House--which sits right on the beach and is a perfect place to take in a sunset over cocktails and dinner.

On the way home, we stopped to check out the Buddha statue where the Saturday O-Bon Festival would be happening around 8 pm, but we didn't want to get stuck in traffic, so we decided to head back to OUR side of the island before meeting up with possible dreaded traffic. And so goes life in Paradise! Sound familiar?
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