Sunday, July 30, 2006


New Blogging Mommy Directory

As many readers may have guessed from the clue on the sidebar, I am a blogging Mama. I'd go so far as to say the BEST thing I've ever done is to give birth! Funny thing is: your children may grow up....they may leave the nest...they may marry, but you never stop being their Mother. Motherhood is a life-long commitment, and I am blessed to be a Mother to an amazing daughter. Writing this last sentence brought tears to my eyes because I love my daughter so much! Through her and with her, I have learned unconditional love.

Today the Blog Herald in affiliation with Johnson & Johnson launched a Mommy Blog Directory, and any of my other Mama friends and colleagues reading this can go to the above Blog Herald link and sign up. Here are some quotes from the news release: "It's about amplifying the voices of mom's online." and "...a powerful blog publicity engine."

So from prolific blogger Kuanyin here at Who's Yo Mama, I say to all Mamas: "Let's empower ourselves and put our voices into the blogosphere and be heard. We have great things to share!"

Friday, July 28, 2006


Maui & The Ring of Fire

Photo: terragalleria

Hawaii Islanders as far away as Honolulu experienced a mild earthquake yesterday. Situated about 44 miles southwest of Makena, Maui--not too far from where I live-- this 4.4 earthquake (quoted by other sources as 5.0) rattled many homes it was reported on the news. I didn't feel a thing, nor has anyone I have questioned. Very strange!

Since Hawaii sits inside the middle of the Ring of Fire, it is only to be expected that we will have our share of the earthquakes which are increasingly occuring around the world. For those that don't know about the Ring of Fire, here is my brief explanation: the ROF is a series of volcanic mountain ranges and oceanic trenches encircling the Pacific Basin beginning from New Zealand, moving along the eastern edge of Asia, then up to the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, and finallly snaking down the coasts of North and South America. It looks like a horseshoe if you were to look at it from above. This site explains the ROF in more depth.

Some psychics have predicted Haleakala Volcano erupting on our island of Maui, but according to the scientists I have spoken with, this is not likely to happen. If Haleakala gets triggered, she is more of a venting volcano, not a blowing volcano. Haleakala has officially been dormant since 1790, and although I have read or heard predictions about Haleakala becoming active again for every year I have lived on Maui (15 1/2 years), so far she (I want to call Haleakala a 'she'!) has been stable. A great video about Haleakala titled "House of the Sun" is sold at the various Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Visitor Centers throughout the islands. This beautiful video with narration by Charles Keoho and music by Paul Horn, Dean Evenson, Kaawaikupuokalani Hewett, and Patrick Ki tells about the legends, volcanic formations, unique plant and animal life that can be found in the Haleakala crater and nowhere else in the whole world.

The last eruption on Maui left a blackened lava-rock-strewn area in the Makena area which is quite dramatic visually to drive through. If you get out of your car to walk on some trails, be sure to be wearing enclosed-toe shoes with support because these rocks are very sharp, hard and could cut your skin very easily. They aren't the easiest rocks to navigate. For those that like to hike into remote, wilderness areas, you can pick up a trail that leads from La Perouse Bay in Makena. I've never hiked that far on the trail, but I've heard that you can hike all the way to Hana, the most easterly part of Maui. If you desire to tune into the old Hawaii, get away from the island 'buzz', and tune into the Ancestors, you will find what you are looking for here.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Twin Blogs Born

I'd like to announce the birth of two new blogs!

Please welcome

Maui Skies


Way Khool Sites

Check them out, and if you see a way to participate, please leave a comment.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Kapono Rocks Maui

Hawaiian music as performed by Henry Kapono with his group, dancers and Hawaii's Slam Poet, Kealoha, has been dramatically re-interpreted with a raw, rocking edge! It was a hot, powerful, hip-hop, Hawaiian show we witnessed at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center this Saturday night. This wasn't the same Kapono I knew from former times when he was a gentle, more traditional Hawaiian singer. Kapona has re-invented himself, and he doesn't look like he has aged at all. With what he calls his "kids", his ensemble of hip-hop dancers, musicians and the awesome Slam Poet Kapono is showcasing another facet of himself: the hip, wild Hawaiian. The show and CD are titled "The Wild Hawaiian", a very apt name for wild, rocking music... certainly not your standard Hawaiian music by a long stretch! The CD has written on it "The Next Generation"...and vitality, youth and up-beat Hawaiian aloha are what Kapono's music celebrates. Once Kapono goes on tour to the Mainland with this act and ensemble, his star should shine brighter than ever, and he will introduce another generation to aloha.

Kapono's new style of music has a danceable rock 'n roll vibe, and the way he chants in untraditional Hawaiian style and plays his electric guitar is spectacular. I was blown-away by this fresh interpretation of Hawaiian music, Kapono's mana and the unrelenting powerful performance by the youthful ensemble. There were two large screens set up on either side of the stage displaying dynamic visuals with a higher platform for the dancers towards the rear, all of which kept the energy moving and allowed an eye-feast. The anthem titled "The Queen's Prayer" was the finale, and on both screens they pictured the former Queen of Hawaii....a very touching and chicken-skin moment for me! I could strongly sense the Ancestors, for they had been powerfully invoked by the passionate energy and magic of Kapono and his group. As the show closed, the dancers walked down the aisles dressed in white and solemnly faced the audience... a sacred staging and a perfect ending to one rocking show!

Friday, July 14, 2006


The Nine Lives of Maui's Feral Cats

Ten years ago I adopted a feral cat by the name of Anela which translates to Angel in Hawaiian. My tricky red-haired (Amy Irving look-alike) girlfriend Basha named it knowing I would "bite" with such a name since I love the angels, write about them,talk about them, and praise them constantly for all the assistance they give me and others. For instance, I praise my parking angels, my shopping angels, my writing angels... the list of angels I praise is a long one! The miracles they bring my/our way is endless. While I'm writing about them, "thank you angels one mo' time!" Thank you is one of the best phrases in any language.

Basha was a volunteer for the Cat House at the Maui Humane Society, and she is what I would term a "cat woman" because has a house full of cats, eats, breathes and talks 'cat'. You know the type, right? Maybe you are one too? As for myself, I enjoy cats, respect them and marvel at their beauty, but I am not that cat obsessed. Or so I thought until I discovered myself putting together Anela's very own cat profile on Catster which made me re-think my relationship with Anela and cats in general. Let's put it this way: if Basha is a 10 on a scale of 1-10 for cat obsessed, maybe I'm an 8, which is rather scary when I mull it over. So there you have it-- my cat confessional! If you wish to read more about Anela on Catster, her profile is here. The darling Party Cat drawing of her was made by my artistic friend M. who is a dog person. I'm also a dog lover and an animal lover in general...if you have been reading my blog for very long, you probably will have figured that out! And yes, for dog lovers there is Dogster.

Anela had been nursed by Basha because Anela's guardian angel led her to the Maui Humane Society where she met nurturing Basha who began nursing tiny, starving Anela. Next thing you know the scheming wench (Basha) planned her devious approach to manipulate me to adopt Anela. I was a hard sell because I was still grieving my former cat Lucky who had been run over six months earlier. I couldn't imagine opening my heart to another cat and go through the possible pain of loss again. However, Basha had her "plan" which made me grab Anela that very day. How could I resist this adorable, tiny kitten who could fit into the palm of my hand with a giant garish red bow on her petite head and called Anela to boot? The rest is her-story, and Anela has ruled our household for many years... especially her main servant, my partner B., who caters to her every whispered demand.

Anela is what is known on Maui as a feral cat. Feral cats aren't liked very much here because they proliferate rapidly (like bunnies so it is said), and they hunt and kill many endangered birds to survive. Thus, there is a cat condundrum happening: what to do with all the feral cats? Two organizations which I recommend you check out if you're interested to see their solutions are the Feline Foundation Maui and Hawaii Cat Foundation

Both of these organizations are working to solve the feral cat population on Maui. Feral cats are called such because they are the wild offspring of domestic cats which have been abandoned or were birthed in feral cat colonies located throughout the islands. It has been said that if the shit hits the fan for other world species, cats are the species most likely to survive. On Maui feral cats are thriving or starving, depending upon whom you listen to. There are zero coyotes to grab them like in the western states...the weather is warm...and there's lots of jungle and undergrowth to hide in and mate. Unless trapped and neutered, they could possibly rule Maui some day just as Anela (aka Queensie) rules our home.

One final comment: Cats Rock!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The Fashion Police Make Another Arrest

So I'm minding my own business and hanging out at the beach with my daughter when this red critter walks into my line of vision. Boing! After recovering from shock, I thought here it is: Fashion Police Time! I fished my digital camera out of my beach bag (near the bottom-- note to myself: keep it close to the top!). I had only seconds before this vision in red hustled on down the beach. I cropped the photo so you can more easily discern what we on the beach viewed that day and also to remove the head of this fashion victim. In cropping and zooming, I noticed the swimmer in the ocean eyeballing him--I wonder if she had nightmares later?

Let me use words to better describe what the shaded photo only teases: the man was wearing a bright red two-piece outfit. The bikini bottoms were riding WAY high up on the ass. On his back, he was wearing an enormous backpack. The fashion statement he was making obviously had to do with color coordination as his tattoes were all in red! Yes, you read that right: red!

Today my snarky Maui Fashion Police Panel are going to weigh in:

WYM: This man needs a lot of attention...he is screaming "Look at me! I'm as hot as a Fourth of July firecracker. If you light the fuse on my backpack, I'll take off like a rocket."

BB: I downed a Bloodymary this morning for my hangover. This man could have saved me calories if he had meandered along earlier. Seriously (what a joke!) this man is flaunting his ass-ets, non?

TAOLAD: The summertime heat on Maui has been fierce, and this eccentric man has decided to color coordinate with the fire of our Maui summer. What's in his backpack I wonder--could it be a cleverly disguised cooler?

Aquamarine: I'm not much of a red person as you can clue-in on by my name. However, if you are going to do red, why not go ALL the way? Obviously some trauma has pushed this man to expressing himself. I would love a close-up to see what his tattoes are...wouldn't you?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Moon Mysteries

I have been a student of mysteries all my life, and it's safe to say that mysteries gravitate to me as everyday there is a new mystery that begs for attention in my life. My love of mysteries began in grade school with mystery boooks, then I graduated to esoteric subjects and arcane mysteries. What I've discovered about mysteries is that most of them are never completely solved. Just consider how many mysteries there are in your own life that are still unresolved, not to mention the mysteries in the news which make one ponder--for instance, the mystery as to why did Zidane perform the head-butt in the World Cup Soccer Finale? It doesn't seem to make any sense, but then most mysteries never do.

Today is a Full Moon, and it is also a Major Lunar Standstill. What does a lunar standstill mean? Apparently the event of lunar standstill was an event of major importance to the "designers of many stone circles". If you would like to read more about lunar standstills, check out this website. You can also read more here

Most of us by now know that the moon impacts our emotions and our bodies. Does it also impact the rain and cause droughts? Here's a story about one man's investigations into this phenomena.

Are you ready for the weirdest, most mind-blowing investigation of the moon? There is a new book titled "Who Built The Moon" by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler. They ask many compelling questions about the moon, state extraordinary facts, and in general come to hair-raising conclusions about the moon. If you'd like to order it and help me out at the same time, there is an link on my sidebar.

And don't forget to visit another one of my blogs titled Moonlight Becomes Me

On Moonlight Becomes Me, you will discover ravishing moon photography and quotes that beckon one to marvel at our wondrous, mysterious, mystical Moon.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Who Let The Dogs Out?

Today was the Maui Humane Society's annual fundraising event titled "Bark in the Park" with the theme of 60's Flower Power and an opportunity for decked out dogs and owners to strut their stuff. There were booths selling fabulous pet gear of all kinds, prizes, a colorful pet costume contest and lots of fun activities.

Here's some of my favorite photos from today with websites to purchase cute doggie (and cat) outfits, apparel, gifts and what not! Maui has really gone to the dogs in a good way for the pet-themed business is booming here and going dog-gone wild!

Allison Way's adorable Bassett Hound won Best of Show. Allison owns the company Dog Gone Maui (, and she sells doggie t-shirts, sunglasses, doggie carriers and even makes a lot of her own designer dog apparel.

Another company I discovered (with the owner a fellow blogger to boot!) is Hula Dog They offer "fashions that feel good", and how could I resist these two items for gift-giving? They offer apparel for both men and women with the island vibe.

If you want your dog to have a fashionable collar, fun and hip accessories, Bully and Pablo is your island place to shop. Here's a photo of some of their non-everyday collars for your special pooch. I like that leopardskin one, and I don't even own a dog. Hmmmm......

The special tile showcased at the beginning of this posting is made by Kimble, a company which makes whimsical hand-painted tiles of dogs and cats (and other images as well). Their business card states that "commissions welcome". If you wish to reach them, their email is

Ok, ok...I know you dog lovers want to see more 60's attired dogs, so feast your eyes on these Maui cuties! Bow-wow WOW!

Friday, July 07, 2006



Photo: terragalleria
Photo: terragalleria

It's hot and dry if you live in the lowlands of Maui, and during summer, one thinks of either getting wet or getting cool. Since the cost of electricity is so high on Maui and with so many fabulous beaches, the option of getting wet is the cheaper of the two. This is the time of the year when you go jetskiing...when you eat lots of cold chunks of sweet pineapple... and drive upcountry to cooler climes to walk through eucalyptus forests.

Every year we celebrate His Holiness The Dalai Lama's July 6th birthday as we did yesterday with our Ohana. The news is that the Dalai Lama was advised by his doctors to cancel his European tour for health concerns, and the Dalai Lama complied with their desires. In an earlier posting on this blog, I gave a link to his intense travel schedule. Please keep the Dalai Lama in your prayers for rejuvenation and well-being.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Food and Fourth

From morning til's a photo journal beginning with breakfast at the Seawatch Restaurant at the Wailea Golf Club to an All-American dinner at our friend's home. Whew! I'm glad the Fourth of July only comes once a year!

Monday, July 03, 2006


Preparing for the Fourth on Maui

Photo: Terragalleria

One year many LONG years ago, I arrived on Maui on a 42-foot sailboat with some friends. We had survived intact even though we had encountered a huge storm crossing the channel from Oahu to Maui, and we were thrilled to sail into Lahaina harbor in one piece. Maui and dry land never looked so good to me! The date was the Fourth of July 1987. I fell in love with Maui one mo' time! It had been my idea--I confess-- for I had wanted to experience Maui on the Fourth of July because this day is a huge party day on Maui. There's a famous rodeo, a parade in Makawao and lots of activities all round the island.

Maui-ians go crazy on the Fourth of July with fireworks. As the sun starts to set, the noise of firecrackers begins! I've never experienced or heard such firework noise in any of the places I've lived quite like Maui. There have been new regulations about fireworks in recent years, so the noise level isn't quite as intense as it once was. And there's usually a huge fireworks display in the evening at one or several locations on the island to ooh and ahh over. As you watch the night sky light up with sparkling, colorful designs, say a prayer of gratitude that these beautiful lights are lights of artistry and celebration and not of war...and remember how lucky we are to live in America, a country where we can celebrate FREEDOM!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Beach #3 of My Favorite Maui Beaches

Maui folk are discerning when it comes to driving across our island for something or someone. It's not that Maui is so big, but with the price of gasoline being what it is here (around $3.60 a gallon), there has to be a strong attraction or need to make one drive even 30 minutes (and often a lot longer!) in traffic. This is why I rarely drive over to West Maui for the road infrastructure going westward is outdated which causes the two-lane highway that curves across the Pali from South Maui to be clogged with stop and go traffic more often than not. Thus, if I want to visit my favorite Napili Bay Beach, I plan ahead for my journey!

My partner and I timed it perfect yesterday and driving from South Maui to West Maui only took us about 35 minutes. I consider this a miracle, for on our way back, the line of cars in stop'n go traffic heading into West Maui was so backed-up that it wasn't until we were in Maalaea that the line of cars lessened. This is crazy! And we didn't even see any accidents or roadwork to explain this stop'n go traffic. However, I hear from others that make the commute every day that this kind of traffic back-up isn't at all unusual, and god forbid if there is an accident, then you can be stuck in non-moving traffic for four or five hours.

By the way, speaking of possible Maui traffic nightmares, read this June 28 Maui News editorial about their SuperFerry position.

Our blessed day started with lunch at Pacific O's, a fabulous restaurant in the 505 Center headed up by a handsome blue-eyed locally-schooled chef, Chef James. We watched a Japanese couple get married as we dined on fresh island fish and a hamburger.

Then we continued on our way cruising down Front Street until we hit the Honoapiliani Highway passing Kaanapali, Honokowai, Kahana and finally arrived at our destination: Napili where this number #3 of my favorite beaches is located. Here's why I love this beach:

1. I have sentimental feelings about this beach because important events happened here that impacted my life in a good way. Everytime I return here, I go back in time to a VERY romatic time! And you know what? The beach always seems to be exactly the same! Hmmmmmm.....
2. It's a cozy beach, has gentle waves with a beautiful curve to it. Curves are good!
3. There is a fabulous restaurant at one end--The Sea House--which sits right on the beach and is a perfect place to take in a sunset over cocktails and dinner.

On the way home, we stopped to check out the Buddha statue where the Saturday O-Bon Festival would be happening around 8 pm, but we didn't want to get stuck in traffic, so we decided to head back to OUR side of the island before meeting up with possible dreaded traffic. And so goes life in Paradise! Sound familiar?

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