Friday, June 02, 2006


Wassup on Maui

Will the planned Superferry service in the works and scheduled to begin operating July 1, 2007 be a Good Thing or a Bad Thing? The pros and cons are being hotly debated right now by many folks and groups with different points of view. I just read the free Maui Weekly June 1-7 newspaper where they highlight this story. According to this article, a poll taken by Market Trend Pacific last spring suggests that most Mauians think the Superferry is a good idea. My initial thought was that the ferry would good for many reasons, but then I read on with some uncomfortable feelings.

For instance, on page two it is written that the Superferry will more than likely be regularly used by platoons of military Stryker vehicles. It seems the Superferry would be much cheaper and more efficient for the training of soldiers and transporting their vehicles. That doesn't feel good to me at all. I think of these islands as a peaceful place, even though there has been an invasion of darker energies in the last ten years, a lot of it from crack and the multitude of problems that result from the availability and use of this deadly drug. Stryker vehicles moving back and forth between the islands? Yukky thought.

On page three the possible traffic nightmare is brought up, and this could have serious consequences for Kahului and Wailuku traffic. Maybe it's true what some have been predicting for awhile that Maui will become just as snarled with traffic as Oahu if the Superferry comes to town. One of the many blessings of Maui at this present moment in time is that you can still get around the island fairly fast and easy. We don't have any freeways, and I like it that way.

Also on the front page of the aforementioned tabloid newspaper is an article about the deterioration of the coral reefs in south Maui. This decline of the living coral has been going on for some time, and it's caused by a lot of different abuses, primarily gill nets. These nets have been banned in every other Mainland coastal state, but here they are still being used. The way they work is they are laid over the reef and capture the fish by gills, hence the name. They are made from a plastic substance called monofilament which can break up, and then it kills fish as it decomposes. It can also rise again and do the same thing again and again. Very unkhool.

Another yukky thing (maybe you won't want to eat fish after having read this?) about our fishing practices: the exporters of fish from the Hawaiian waters "use poisons like cyanide to catch the fish at night, then use a hypodermic needle to burst the air bubbles created by the poison." How TOTALLY unkhool is that? The fish are being ripped from the ocean faster than they can be replaced. I don't know if this is going on elsewhere too, but if it is, the thought of becoming a vegetarian is looking mo' bettah. No wonder so many sharks are coming in closer to shores...duh! They're hungry. It makes sense, eh?

I gotta think of some good news to share with you on this beautiful early summer day. You don't just want to read troubling news, right? Ok, here it is: the famous international beach expert "Dr Beach" has announced that D.T. Fleming Beach in Kapalua is America's best beach! Ya see, even though there are Perils in Paradise (read my earlier blog), there are many beautiful beaches, places and people to make it worth sticking around for at least another year or so. We'll see if Paradise is going to remain semi-idyllic or becomes a nightmare like "Lost".
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