Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Ten Ways I Like To Relax

1. Swimming in beautiful clear, clean, blue ocean water or swimming pool

2. Reading current magazines, one after another while sipping chardonnay

3. Meditating in front of my altar

4. Yakking & laughing with a close friend on the phone

5. Reading emails from friends

6. Using my chi machine...ooooohhh it feels so good!

7. Swinging back and forth in my hammock

8. Hot rock massage from my favorite masseuse for 1 1/2 hour

9. Using my private outdoor jacuzzi

10. I think we all know this one, don't we??? :-)

In case others don't know, I was tagged to play Ten on Tuesday.

I just stopped by to read your TOT, a few days late! Glad you could join us, even if it you were forced. The blue ocean water sounds dreamy. The nearest beach to us is Galveston, Texas and quite frankly, it is murky. Have a great weekend!
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