Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Speaking of beaches on Maui....

Photo: terragalleria

What is the first thing most people want to do when they land on Maui? The answer is a simple one for me since I have hosted so many visitors in my day: they want to go to the beach! Yes, beaches are a huge draw for visitors to Maui, and thus, I have decided to do a special series on Maui beaches. If you have read an earlier posting of mine, I wrote where Dr. Beach had picked a Maui beach (in Kaanapali) as his number one pick for the best beach in the whole wide world. This got me to thinking...why should he have all the fun at picking beaches? So I am going to pick MY favorite beaches on Maui-- tell you why they are on my list-- and showcase them with beautiful photos so if you don't live on Maui, you may drool on your computer keyboard and imagine you are here.

Who knows? Maybe these beach photos will entice you to buy a ticket and try on one of these beaches for yourself. One word of caution: it happened to me, and it happens to others too. So it could happen to you. It's the matter of the round-trip ticket. The return ticket doesn't make any sense at all, for once you are here, your heart tells you to call work and turn in your resignation, and then you call all your family members, tell them to pack up your stuff, sell your home, and if they want to join you, you will meet them at the airport with a lei.

After I finish with beaches, I am going to pick other favorites, such as my favorite trees, shops, hiking trails, look-outs, people, friendly stores, etc. So hang onto your beachtowels until I finish this series, and you will be prepared to visit Maui.
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