Thursday, June 22, 2006


My Favorite Maui Beaches

As I mentioned in my last posting, I plan to do a series on my favorite beaches on Maui as well as my favorite 'everthing'. My first favorite beach is:

KEAWAKAPU BEACH on Maui's South Shore

and here's why:

Keawakapu Beach sits at the gateway to Wailea, and if you park at the Kihei end in the public parking lot, you can walk the length of this beach easily as it isn't too long and return to have breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Five Palms Restaurant situated in the Mana Kai Maui Hotel or dinner at Sarento's On The Beach.

There is an easy mix of locals and tourists on Keawakapu beach with a choice of a nice broad, grassy area for lounging or a beautiful sandy beach that doesn't get the crashing waves of other beaches (normally, but there is always those days!). Inside the newly renovated Mana Kai Hotel, there is a beauty salon, convenience store and of course, the amazing view from the Five Palms restaurant. The Mana Kai has both condominium and hotel accomodations, a pool, and it isn't as pricey as other resorts in has a comfy, family feel to it.

As you walk barefooted on this beach, you can ogle the multimillion dollar mansions which line the beach. There simply is no other beach on Maui with this many expensive mansions lined up that are easy to walk by. There are beaches with gorgeous resorts (which I will post about later), BUT for mansion-gawking, this beach is the one!

It goes without saying that the water is gorgeous...the scenery is exactly what you have imagined when you dreamed of Maui...and the beach isn't all that congested. There are places you can plop your beach chair/towel down and feel somewhat private, depending upon the day or hour. Keawakapu is a great place to take in a sunset or stroll in the twilight.

Sarento's Restaurant is also open to the elements like the Five Palms Restaurant (although both are covered). It is an elegant, chic Italian dining experience-- one where you will need to get your reservations in early, especially if you want to snag a table upfront for the best sunset viewing from your dinner table.

My mom said she went to Maui several times...

Wondering when my time will come and say: Maui, here I come! :D
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