Friday, June 09, 2006


Maui's OWN Fashion Police

I have decided to initiate a new weekly addition, Maui's Own Fashion Police which I am titling SIN POLICE. Since the celebrities have the glorious opportunity to be picked apart in the magazines and on television, I told myself, why not do this on Maui? Thus, I assembled my team of sistahs to be the judges. The Sin Police name is called thus for this reason: S.(Slight) I.(Itsy Bitsy) N.(Nicks). In other words, we don't plan to savage people in the weekly photos... we will nick the unfortunate ones in the photos a little and all in good fun and sporting manner.

Blog-Blond is such a beguiling beoytch that I figured she would be perfect for this job, and when I inquired if she would join us, she said, "At last!" Whatever that means we will soon discover.

The Art of Living and Dying is the bright, studious sistah, and she readily agreed to come on board since she has observed some strange attire on Maui.

Aquamarine is the gentle, flower-child of the bunch, and I debated whether to add her as a judge. I questioned if she might not actually swoon over some of the get-ups that I photographed. In the end, I went with her because she is the softie of the family and felt she might soften some of the harsh comments from Blog-Blond.

Here are their comments and mine on the above photo:

WYM: Uh, maybe he's trying to show-off those shapely legs, ya think?

BB: This is the attire of one on meds. Serious meds!

TAOLAD: When one wears his bathrobe up on one side, this is code to others. They get the message loud and clear if you know what I mean.

A: I like the lavendar's very pretty.

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