Sunday, June 25, 2006


The Maui Family

As mentioned in yesterday's posting, I would like to introduce you to the Maui community that isn't all pretty-picture-postcard beaches, resorts and upscale restaurants. My intention with this blog is to let you peek into paradise and discover what Real-World Maui is really like. With this in mind, I am going to feature two of my favorite places, tell you why and introduce you to them...just in case you might be needing their services now or someday when you visit or move here.

Brigit and Bernard's Garden Cafe is located on one of the winding streets of the Kahului industrial area, but don't let this location fool you. Because of their gourmet cuisine which features many European, Swiss and German dishes you can find no where else on Maui, this charming bistro is very popular with Europeans and those in the know. B & B has both indoor and outdoor seating under leafy-green trees. It's really quite amazing whom you discover here. I've been dining here for many years (before the word got out and it became packed), and the owner, Bernard has an impressive resume and fabulous food.

Lately they have been opening at 5am, 6am and 9am for the World Cup of Soccer live from Germany with three tv's showing the games, European food and German beer. Now who could beat that for a treat on Maui?

The second photo is of Valley Isle Dry Cleaners located in Kahului on Wakea Avenue. Why did I pick this one? First of all, I know the owner so I'm plugging him. Seriously, if you are a bride bringing your wedding dress to Maui (and the tux too), this is the best place to get your wedding apparel pressed for the big day. Valley Isle Dry Cleaners works with the majority of the upscale resorts on Maui, and it's most likely if you turn your wedding dress over to their valet services at one of these resorts, they will then send it off to this well-established and service-oriented drycleaners. Valley Isle has been in business for twenty years on Maui, and from the kind owner to the counter ladies with lots of smiles on down to the hard-working pressers/cleaners, they are friendly folk with lots of aloha.

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