Sunday, June 11, 2006


Mamas Fish House and Who's Yo Mama git it on

Probably the most celebrated restaurant on Maui (and one of the oldest restaurants as well), the venerable Mama's Fish House on the North Shore of Maui deserves its reputation as one of the finest dining experiences one could brag about on Maui. I will let my photos do the talking. So starting at the beginning when we pulled our car into the valet station, I will walk you through the Mama's scene. I even include the requisite doggy-bag as the end photo because when food is really, really good, one wants to take just a little bit home for a late-night snack, eh? Enjoy this June Full Moon, and perhaps one of these days, you will see my fiction book "Under A Maui Moon" at your neighborhood bookstore, on Amazon and on Oprah! By the way, Oprah and her posse are on Maui this week in case you were wondering what she was up to, but I'm not saying exactly where. I have to hold SOME secrets.
We were there on our honeymoon! It was the best food. And I remembered the dessert was delish! It was something with coconuts that just melted in your mouth!
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