Saturday, June 17, 2006


Hawaiian Ghost Story

Photo: terragalleria

Hawaiian Ghost Story

Patricio lived in Kalihi. One afternoon he is reading
The Honolulu Advertiser and sees a pork sale in Kailua.

Just right kine for lichon. So he takes 'Da Bus' to Kailua
as it was getting dark. By the time he bought the pork,
'Da Bus' was no longer running so he had to walk
back to Kalihi.

It was dark and foggy, and no MO moon. So he starts
walking up the Pali. As he is walking up the Pali with his
bag of pork he sees one car coming an den stop. Without
thinking he gets in the car and closes the door. Only
then did he realize nobody stay behind the wheel!

The car starts very slowly. Patricio looks at the road and sees a
curve coming up. Scared, he starts to pray, "Our Pahder
who art in Heben...", begging for his life. He hasn't come
out of shock when, just before the car hits the curve, a hand
appears from out of the fog, comes thru the
window, and turns DA wheel!

Patricio, paralyzed with terror, watches how the hand appears
every time they approach a curve. He gathers all his strength,
grabs his package of pork, gets out of the slow moving car,
and runs like hell over the Pali all the way to Kalihi.

Sweating and in shock he stops at a Korean bar, orders two shots
of whiskey, and starts telling everybody about the terrifying
experience he just had.

The place goes quiet when they realize Patricio was crying
and wasn't even drunk.

About two hours later two Samoans walk into the same bar
and one says to the other, "Heh, Tuvesi, dat's DA buggah
who wen jump in DA ka when we was pushin' um!"
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