Monday, June 19, 2006


Far from the Hazy, Lazy Days of Summer

Whew! The four-day summer Maui Film Festival at Wailea ended yesterday. There were so many events and films to choose from at Barry River's annual event that one wishes they could cancel work and only attend every last single one...well almost, but more about that later.

Besides honoring these actors (Joan Allen, Patricia Clarkson, Michelle Yeoh and Jessica Biel) this year with various tributes and awards, there were films, films and more films plus culinary arts celebrations, a sand sculpture contest, a Starry Night MoonDance, a Cosmic Comedy Club and various Filmmakers Panels.

One film which showed at the Marriott Resort with many people I know making a contribution to it, either as producer, director, or documentary subject was the excellent film called "Return to Tibet". It was preceded by a very touching (but somewhat disturbing) animated art short film about a praying mantis that still gives me nightmares.

I skipped the "Taste of Wailea" and the chocolate culinary event which is so tempting and offered every year because I prefer fitting in my skinny jeans and Brazilian bikinis. Now I can get back to work (or do some beach-time)without buying a new wardrobe!

If you want to scope out all the Maui Film Festival goodies, click here.

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