Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Every Dog Has It's Lucky Day

Photo: Flickr

Dreaming of moving or taking a sabbatical on Maui but don't want to leave your beloved pet behind? The dark days are over when Hawaii had a long quarantine for your pets. The state relaxed these longer quarantine laws in 2003, and now according to this site which gives you all the details, the forms and what not, if your pet is "meeting specific pre and post arrival requirements, it may qualify for 5-days-or-less quarantine or direct release at Honolulu International Airport after inspection." No wonder your pet's ears perked up! Can you blame him? He gets to move to the land of milk and honey too!

While living the good life with you on Maui, he/she might need to be left behind while you whizz off for a quick business trip and this is the place I recommend on Maui to take care of your pet while you're away. The Central Maui Animal Clinic is not too far from the airport in Kahului (so you get to kiss your pooch goodbye almost at the last moment before taking off!)...the clinic has outdoor runs, playtime, large kennels, and bills itself as "Maui's Top Pet Resort for Cats & Dogs".

Of course, Maui has some stiff competition when it comes to pet resorts. Read this story from the New York Times titled "What's the Thread Count on My Dog's Bed?" The article lists some of the best resorts and hotels that cater to pets. Read the last paragraph. If someone is smart, they will think up the next money maker: Jets for Pets.
This gets my favourite doggy photo of all time vote! She is almost identical to my own dog.
She's a he, and he's my dog, and not suprised to be moving to Maui since he's not.
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