Sunday, June 04, 2006


Come to Yo Mama Nice Kitty

In practically every business or restaurant in Hawaii you will see displayed near the cash register or the front of the establishment the famous Maneki Neko cat, sometimes called the Lucky Beckoning cat. Most often, you will see more than one grouped together, each with various colors and different paws raised. Have you ever wondered about this ubiquitous Japanese lucky talisman? What do the different paws and colors mean?

The tri-colored ones are supposed to be the most lucky while the black ones work to ward off stalkers. The gold ones invite money and success. About 60% of them are lifting up their left paw to beckon customers to enter the store, while the right paws attract money and good fortune. If you want to read more about the lore of these sweet felines, check out this website.And if you want to help fund the animals as I do every Saturday and Sunday, you can purchase some here. The Animal Rescue site has a litter of them in all colors.

I have my own litter surrounding my computer with different paws raised. You've heard the saying,"One can never be too rich, blond or thin." I'd like to change that to: "You can never have enough Maneki Neko cats." Meooooowwww. Come to Yo Mama now!
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