Saturday, June 24, 2006


Another Favorite Beach...Baby Beach!

As I continue on today with the series of My Favorite Maui Beaches, I would like to introduce you to what locals call "Baby Beach". Actually, there are two Baby Beaches on in Lahaina, and the one you see in the photos here which is located on the North Shore of Maui at the far end of Baldwin Beach.

Here is why this beach is one of my favorites:

Can you see from the photos that there is very shallow, turquoise water protected by a coral reef? This makes this beach a great floating beach for you don't have to be concerned about waves plopping over your head. You can float with ease and feel very safe. Childrean can play in the water or at water's edge and feel unchallenged by the waves too...hence, the name Baby Beach.

This is a rustic beach which you reach by wiggling through the back lanes of Spreckelsville until you park on a red dirt parking area. It's rustic and without toilet facilities, restaurants or any other amenities, but it's fabulous factor is really high. Why? You feel as if you've traveled back into time to a slower Maui. The trees behind the beach are beautiful...the water is pale turquoise and shallow....the people on the beach are mostly locals.

Spreckelsville is a community with older homes not far from the airport and the primary business town of Maui, Kahului. Willie Nelson has a home here. Yet new homes are always being built, as you can see by the above photo.

Since Maui has 81 accessible beaches, I could continue this series for awhile, so I am going to break it up with my next posting of some of my favorite stores on Maui so you can see more of the Real-Time-Maui!
This is one of my favorite beaches as well!
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