Tuesday, May 16, 2006


While You're At It, Get Me Another Chilled Ripe Mango

I'ts mango season in Maui, and our Giving Mango Tree is super generous this year, as it usually is because it loves to give. We are deep into our mango munch-arama. The smell of the mangos as they ripen permeates our home with a sweet, sensual aroma. Once you've tasted mango, you never go back. Pleaseandthankyouverymuch, gimme another mango to slurp, to wrap my tongue around the seed and to feel the pleasure of this soft, succulent fruit slip down my throat. Just one mo' ripe mango, and I promise, I'll share....
I like the new color scheme
Yummy...I love mango! Thanks from stopping by my TT!
When I was a kid in Miami, our neighbor had a huge mango tree that would drop mangoes over the fence and into OUR yard. It was perfect--not so many mangoes that all the bees would come eat the rotten ones, but still MANGOES! I like mango shakes myself.
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