Thursday, May 11, 2006


Termas and Wesak Festival

Guru Padmasambhava was the great enlightened yogi from India who established Buddhism in Tibet in the eighth century. He is sometimes referred to as Guru Rinpoche. Well known for his many miracles and accomplishments, he also concealed eighteen varieties of treasures in Tibet, known as TERMAS. He prophesized the future manifestation of these treasures including the revealer, the protector of the treasure and the time of revelation. This is known as the terma tradition.

So the story goes that Guru Padmasambhava and his consort and principle disciple. Yeshe Tsogyal, concealed thousands of hidden teachings (only 108 different items in some literature) or termas in many places for the benefit of future generations. These termas were tucked away in caves, statues at various monasteries, Tibetan medicine, astrology texts, boulders and even within the minds of chosen recepients awaiting for the preordained moment to be discovered. It has been reported that certain statues communicate to those who can hear them...sometimes the recepients are Tibetans and sometimes just ordinary tourists! What ensues is the awakening of ancient, forgotten wisdom that has been embedded deep into the Dna as untapped memories. In orthodox religion, termas are called REVELATIONS.

I feel that this process is an ancient form of vibrational medicine in that these memories open up a healing, transformational quality of the body, mind, spirit and consciousness of a person. They are activational, cross-cultural, multidimensional bridges across time and space that open doors within the mind. They clear away the veils so that one can connect to the other dimensional worlds that exist in the Earth. These inhabitants moved from third density ( and now inhabiting higher dimensional worlds within the Earth), and they are more available to be accessed tommorrow during the annual Wesak Festival. This is a treasure-time for all who care to join least, that's my humble opinion. :-)

The Wesak Festival (the first Full Moon in May) is the great Eastern festival of the Buddha, and known around the world as a day of supreme spiritual importance and activation. This is a living event and a sacred ceremony which takes place every year between the Buddha, the Christ and the united spiritual Hierarchy as their blessings impact our consciousness and our planet. Those so inclined journey out-of-body to the sacred valley in Tibet where this synthesising ceremony transpires, and many others join together in group service and ceremony on behalf of humanity.

"I have listened. And I have looked with open eyes. I have poured my soul into the world, seeking the unknown within the known. And I sing out loud in amazement."

Rabindranath Tagore
Indian Philosopher and Bobel prize winning author
The Fairies heard you loud and clear,
They came and whispered in my ear.
To get off of my ass and sing,
and have lots of joy and love and things.
So I went into a bookstore today,
and met a guy who wanted to say..
'Come join my group', it's fun, he said,
before your fat ass thinks it's dead.
I wrote it down,
the way to town.
Gonna do just that and follow the sounds,
Of people Om-ing and healing the ground,
For all the Fairies and others around.
You're Ashie Angel, indeed you are,
Cause at night I see your bright blue star.
You're wise in all the things you do,
You draw the Light like Super-glue.
I give you thanks for all you've done.
Indeed you are a Honey Bun!

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