Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Recently my Hawaiiana book collection called to me. I had to go looking for it in my library downstairs, and something told me to reacquaint myself with this body of literature. So I pulled all the books off the shelf and packed them upstairs near my desk and computer. I have quite a few that I have saved because they are special to me. Many of my books I give to others, but some are like close family members with whom you can't bear to part. Some of them are old and out of print, and even the typeface looks ancient. Some are metaphysical, some are political, some merely informational.

Looking through these books, I remembered my blogspot which I had almost abandoned for sometime now because of the busy pace of my life. I had almost forgotten my password too. Life in the islands can keep one very busy, and there is not such a thing as a "laid-back" lifestyle over here for me. Maybe this is what my guides were trying to tell me: slow down, remember your Hawaiian lessons and enjoy your magical Maui life a bit more!!

The Hawaiian priests belief that man has three bodies made up of an invisible substance. These three bodies or spirits or selves make up the composition of man. They are sometimes called the lower self, the middle self and the higher self. In order for the three-self man to become united or "one", there needs to be the strong breath of mana that is sent from the two lower selves to the Higher Self every day if possible.It's a gift that we give to our Higher Self. Mana is created through the intake of food. Some people have a lot of mana, and you can sense this as their vital force is strong...they are very alive and charismatic.

In addition to the flow of mana, there needs to be made a mental picture of the desired thing or condition that you want to manifest in prayer. These are the seeds that are symbolically watered by the mana which will grow the answer to the prayer which will be answered by the Higher Self. Faith is a major ingredient in this formula as well. The Higher Self grants the answers to prayers.

Heavy breathing accumulates more mana, so it's a good time to pray after you've been working out or doing specific breathing exercises because then you can send more mana. The mo' mana, the bettah. Eh, bra?

Sometimes there is a blockage in the lower self caused by guilt, fear and pride. The lower self is like a younger brother who wants to avoid and hide from the Higher Self because it fears it will be punished and is full of shame. When this happens, no prayers will make it through to the Higher Self. So these blockages and beliefs have to be cleared so that the subconcious will once again not be afraid to approach the Higher Self. This was early psychology, and it still is operating in our times because we haven't really changed all that much from the old Hawaiians in many respects. And the Hawaiian language has been traced all the way back to Egypt for the Coptic language of ancient Egypt more closely resembles the Hawaiian language than any other in the world. Therefore, the system of how the human being works is an ancient wisdom that predates even the ocean-going Polynesians.

The ridiculous thing is I know all this and yet I forget to apply this wisdom!! I speed along in my daily existence trying to fit everything into a 24 hour day that is starting to feel more like a 12 hour one all the time, and I forget the BASICS. I gotta breathe deep, visualize the picture of what I want to happen or acquire or whatever, and send the request on with faith to my Higher Self and then just wait for the results. It's that easy, unless of course I have a blockage about something which I don't feel I do right now as I have been keeping my karma very clean for sometime now and trying to earn "merit" as the Tibetans name it.
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