Thursday, May 25, 2006


Pray tell....what are the answers?

Is it just me, or does the world, events, people and news seem to be getting weirder in the last ten years or so? Maybe I am just attracted to the eccentric, odd, mysterious and weird....or maybe it really is getting weirder! I truly suspect it is the later for many others tell me about their synchronicities and their weird, unexplained stories too. According to the author of the bestselling book Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield, the more you focus on synchronicities, the more often they happen. I have experienced this truth in my own life.

I am always marveling about this synchronicity or that mystery that pops into my life and awareness, whether it be a personal event or a news story. If it's a synchronicity, I usually just go Whooaaaa, very khool man! However, if it's a deep and very odd mystery, for the sake of my anxiety levels I usually try to resolve it... sometimes through dowsing, deep meditation or some other form of sleuthing. Alas, sometimes I have to wait for the mystery to be revealed in its own sweet time. Quite often, it does. I have found the trigger word "Reach" is often very effective in this regard. You just repeat this word for awhile and then let the mystery go out of your mind. Wait. Next thing you know, there will be an answer to your question. Of course, it may show itself in a very odd way, but such seems to be the way in this weird world.

I listen to or read the news with amazement... and often with alarm. How far will the world of weird go? How far does the envelope stretch? What the heck is going on I ask myself! Perhaps you may ask yourself this too. For example, on the news here in Hawaii it has been reported multiple times that thieves are stealing copper wire out of the overhead freeway signs. Yesterday they finally caught a thief. Apparently, the price of copper has gone up so much that motivated thieves have reached new heights to claim their booty. Now I read today on one of my favorite weird-reporting websites Surfing The Apocalypse that thieves are doing the same thing in France and stealing copper wire from the trains in northern France and hickjacking trucks with nickel in them as the prices of copper, nickel, zinc and aluminum have skyrocketed to record highs. This news is troubling to me. I know the world is in a crisis, but hey, this news shows how serious it is! The thieves have been out there cutting the ivory tusks off one of the world's greatest treasures, our elephants, for way too long and harming all kinds of animals for stupid concoctions to help men keep it up and for other retarded reasons, but really! How far does thieving, harming others, white slavery and other desperate measures have to continue before everyone speaks up and screams out that something is off and these outrages are over the top??? There is weird, and then there is beyond weird! I have my limits of how much weird is acceptable in my world. Human kindness is big in my book. I love this quote by Mother Theresa: "Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."

More basic weird news: you know how ufo's are usually described as round, spherical or somehow rounded? Now they have photographed a ufo in Germany that is rectangular.

More outrageous weird: A French dude named Eric Julien puts up a website named and goes on all the talk shows and tells everyone that the ufo occupants that abducted him told him that there is going to be a huge tsunami today that is going to impact the whole east coast of America, Europe and Africa. Apparently (or so it is reported on that wonderfully weird STA website), people in Morrocco living on the coast are in a panic and packing up and moving inland.

Now here's a weird I rather fancy: It's an online Face Transformer from a laboratory in England ( What one does is import a face from a
photo on your computer and use this morphing tool to see what one could look like with different features, even like a monkey. I haven't tried it yet, but I did the same thing a number of years ago in a photo booth at the Luxor Hotel to see what animal I would resemble using their morphing tool. It was quick and easy, and voila, I got a three-sample photo spit out of myself as a strange bird. Since I am something of a strange bird, it was perfect.

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