Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Perils of Paradise

Black snow visited Kihei today...but it's not a pretty sight. It comes from the cane burn, and when I looked on my doorstep and front deck, I was upset as I always am when the cane burn litters our beautiful world.

For those unfamiliar with the words "Black Snow" and "Cane Burn", here is my tutorial. Much of central Maui is planted with sugar cane. There are smart ways to harvest it, and then there are dumb, cheaper ways. Guess which way is used on Maui? Maui, as progressive as it is in some areas, is slower than slow to adopt the method that would eliminate the messy black snow cane burn. Some activists say the reason why is because of politics and vested interests. It's a mystery to me when I consider how important tourism is to this island. You would think everyone would want Maui to look beautiful! Eh, brah?

I've included two photos here. The first one is a parking lot in a major shopping mall in Kihei, and the second one is of my front door. Notice how I turned the welcome mat around. Nice touch, uh?

This is my ANTIDOTE TO THE GUSHING blog of a recent posting, so if anyone out there in blog-land felt 'less-than' because they weren't having lunch like I was at Ferraro's Four Seasons, they can feel bettah today as they check out my porch and neighborhood. There's always the dark that accompanies the light since we abide in this 3-D experiment of polarity. C'est la vie!

Black snow, sounds like post apocalyptic poetry. I remember reading Black Rain (what happened in Hiroshima), and still remember the title as one of the most visual.....
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