Sunday, May 21, 2006


Meme Me Up Up & Away

This is my formula for one who has been enchanted by the Blogo-Universe:

1. Take a ripe avocado, mash it thoroughly, and then squeeze a bit of fresh mango juice into it for aroma. Slather this goop onto da face (after having pulled your hair back into a ponytail of course). This is an anti-meme masque.

2. Put on your sparkly blue flip flops, the one you traded your last houseguest because she really liked the ones you owned better, and you wanted her to leave Maui with good memories... so you were generous and traded your much more sparkly blue flip flops for her less sparkly blue ones. If you don't have flip-flops with this kind of history, any blue flip flops will do.

3. Raise your legs in the air and gaze at these flip flops against the cloudless cerulean blue sky. Raise 'em high...this will work out your abs at the same time.

4. Begin by taking several deep in and out breaths. Forcibly expel the blog memes that you have contracted by incessantly blogging or reading other blogs.

5.Remind yourself that Technorati tags, html codes, templates and all the other blog stuff is just that: STUFF! If any thoughts about the blogouniverse come into your mind, see them as clouds floating by. They will float away as you continue to sky gaze. Keep returning your thoughts to your flip flops and the sky.

6. Be here NOW. Feel your body as your abs get a work-out.

7. See the humor in everything. If you can, laugh!!! Your flip-flops and the sky are blue. LIFE IS GOOD! You are alive, and your abs are aching.

8. Re-enter your home, wash the green goop off your face, and grab your beach bag and get your ass to the beach asap. Don't even look at your computer!!!

9.Dive into the aquamarine ocean water. Your meme was merely a dream.Don't even think of changing the title to The Seduction of Meme.

This is very funny to me! When I first started blogging I kinda liked memes because it gave me something to post on dry days, and also I'm the sort that always liked filling out questionnaires, being asked my opinion, etc. But now it seems like all the ones I get tagged for are asking the same things. I don't mean to be rude, but I tend to ignore them. (But I wish I had a nearby ocean to ignore them with!)

By the way, I found you through BloggerChicks.
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