Sunday, May 28, 2006


Land of Luminosity

Yesterday was one of those perfect Maui days...not too hot, not too cold. Goldilock Heaven for me on Maui! We dined at one of my favorite island restaurants, Ferraro's, which is located outside by the pool and on the grounds of the gorgeous Four Season's Resort in Wailea not far from our home. As we dined, I blissed out on the luminous light as it danced with the muted colors of the distant West Maui Mountains. Every now and then a shaft of light would spotlight the new white spires of the windfarm on the side of the Pali. Photos can not convey the beauty of the day.

The Four Season's Wailea is usually nominated by travel magazines and organizations as one of the top ten resort hotels in the world. The resort complex sits on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and winds around the coast of Wailea. This beach walk is one of our very favorite beach walks for these very good reasons: the scenery is magnificent; the resorts you pass by on this long beach walk are all breathtaking world-class five star resorts; it is safe no matter what time of day or night you walk; and it's not too arduous if you just want to stroll and poke along as you breathe in the fragrant air and absorb the beauty of everything.

But back to the Four Season's, and here's why it's MY favorite resort on Maui (even though there are many close contenders). For starters, it's just the RIGHT size. Some resorts overwhelm you, and you can just as easily get lost in them as you can in many Las Vegas casinos. The Four Season's is well-laid out and manageable! I like that. It is soothing to have the right size.

Second, the service is impeccable. If you ask for anything, the answer you hear is "absolutely!" I love to hear that word if I ask for something, don't you? And all the staff people act as if they have the aloha spirit, even if they don't. Friendly and welcoming work for me.

Third, it's unbelievably gorgeous! The multiple fountains, the swimming pool, the location, the well-maintained tropical plants, trees and grounds, the shops, the statuary, the furnishings, the food, and the floral decorations are exotic and top-of-the-line. Check out some of my photos to see for yourself.

Fourth, it has superb restaurants. We ate at Ferraro's yesterday which sits only a few feet away from the beach walk and nearly on the beach! Our table faced directly out to sea with an incredible view. I can't think of many restaurants on Maui this close to the beach with this ambience. In the evening, the tiki torches are glowing in the dark, and there is live music which makes Ferraro's even more romantic. The famous Southern California restaurant Spago has a satellite here too, and it is hugely popular with the fashionistas with the gourmet cusine you would expect from Spago.

This is the luxe life. Make no mistake. You have hit pay dirt. And it'll cost you!
Thank you for the escape...
That was truly beautiful!
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