Saturday, May 13, 2006


Happy Mother's Day all you precious Mamas

It is traditional here in the Hawaiian Islands to open a sacred ceremony or event with a chant, so I will share this famous one "Ka Lei Aloha I Na Kupuna" with you today before writing my Mother's Day Blog:

Ka lei Aloha i Na Kupuna In the circle of love are the ancestors

Noho au i ka Manawa I am in the moment

Mahalo nui no pomaika'i nei au I give thanks for all the blessings that
surround me

Ka lei Aloha I na Kupuna In the circle of love are the ancestors

He inoa no, Na Kupuna In honor of the ancestors this chant is

I am writing this blog early (on Saturday Maui-time) for two reasons: so that those on the other side of the world can read it when they awaken. Second, I will be busy celebrating my day with my daughter. May chills run up and down your bodies as we honor today All Our Ancestors and ESPECIALLY OUR MOTHERS, both in this lifetime and in ALL lifetimes across time and space. And it is so!

I want to HONOR and pay my respects to the great Heart Deva of Maui, Mama Maui. She has been gracious, welcoming, patient, generous, and kind to me through the years. I feel I have earned my Ph.D in LIFE under her tutoring and the lessons learned at M.U. (Maui University). The photo of my painting to her is included above. I created this painting many years ago. Within it there are many embellishments of natural, organic objects that probably will not reveal themselves well in the photo. For example, the hair of Mama Maui is made with the air plant one sees over here in the islands called Pele's Hair. The black feather is a real feather and symbolizes the refreshing breezes and tradewinds of our beautiful paradise. The little people (the Menehunes) are also represented here, even though they don't necessarily look Hawaiian.

Many people have a wrong assumption about the Menehunes. They think of them as Nature Spirits, but in actuality they were the original inhabitants of these islands before the Polynesians arrived. They were even around when the 1800 something census was done, and a few family lines have genetic throw-backs of these ancient beings who were mostly killed off by the warlike Polynesians or assimilated.

The rising Sun photo (taken at dawn on top of Haleakala) symbolizes my prayer for a New Beginning for Mothers: May they be TOTALLY & TRULY honored, appreciated, nurtured, and CHERISHED for they were the ones that activated the smiles on our face and helped us ground once again into the 3-D Earth experience. Sometimes not...sad as that sometimes is, for not all Mothers are cut out to be Mothers! Sometimes men make better Mothers! So if you're a Father raising children on your own, I honor the Mother in you today too!

Today (Sunday) many families will be going out to expensive and fabulous restaurants like Mama's Fish House to celebrate their Mamas. My daughter and I have decided to go to the beach because I am passionate about the ocean. Being near the water and in the water makes my heart sing!

I want to give a SHOUT-OUT to my friends & family that are INCREDIBLE Mothers (even if they raised adopted children), so here goes....I HONOR and LOVE YOU!
WARMEST ALOHA AND MAHALOS to: Marjorie, Darelle, Elsie, Bessie, Angela, Mindi, Maddie, Sue, Sheri, Barbara, Ann, AsariA, Anita, Sande, Nancy, Donna, Mary D, Jaileen, Joyce, Mariana, Flo, Susan, and last but NOT LEAST, my own beautiful DAUGHTER who has mothered me as much as I have mothered her!!!!

Nice to read your blog with paying respect to Maui and the the divine feminine she carries. I enjoyed reading your blog and yeah I agree spending the day at the ocean honoring my mother and the divine mother is really special. I can't tell you enough or may not share with you enough how special I think you are to me and what an awesome job and it is a job at times, raising me was! I think you truly embody what a mother is and I am not talking the psuedo cookie cutter Betty Crocker image out there, but more a a loving and at times feirce gaurdian and protector, educator, coach, and doctor. A mother to me (although I am not one now) I believe is a right of passage to a new world a world in the heart with a huge door that can fill with light and joy of caring for another being, however this "passage" must be respected and honored since there is so much responsibility attached. However, the joy of seeing your seedling mature I am sure is worth every gray hair...I hope :)

From your loving daughter
Happy Mother's Day
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