Friday, May 26, 2006


Cat Complaint

So I'm working away on my chick lit book "Under A Maui Moon" in the wee hours of the morning, and I get IM'd by my cat.

Me: Yeh, whaddya want now? Dontcha see I'm writing?

Cat: You're freaking me're geeking out.

Me: Whatzit to you anyway? You've got it made in the shade.

Cat: I haven't seen you dancing in your red bikini in a long time.

Me: Unlike you, Queen of the Universe, I have to try and earn some money.

Cat: I can't remember the last time I heard you roar.

Me: Don't remind me.

Cat: If I don't, who will?

Me: Ummmm.....

Cat: Exactly!

Me: Is that all?

Cat: I want you to post another photo of me.

Me: What?!!

Cat: I want your pitifully small group of readers to view a better photo of me.

Me: What's going on here?

Cat: That profile of me you posted with the bird was less than flattering.

Me: You looked fine to me!

Cat: Still...after all I'm your muse...need I remind you?

Me: Alright already. Anything else, queenie?

Cat: Get out of your geek suit tomorrow and put on your suits you.

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