Sunday, July 03, 2005

Tonight, July 3, 2005, my daughter and I waited and watched the sky for the big shoot down of the comet Temple-1. We had a perfect view from our flat roof towards the western horizon where the event was to take place. Many others, supposedly around 300, had crowded into rooms at MCC to view on big screens this event. I didn't want to be in this crowd, even though it was dubious if we would actually witness this event with our naked eyes. BUT we did! Both my daughter and I saw what looked like a large laser flash across the sky in perpindicular fashion. The sight was our initiation into the sci-fi age we are moving into. Many long years ago, a sweet old Celtic psychic had predicted that my daughter would eventually marry an astronaut and eventually travel in space. At the time we heard this prediction from Mary, we thought it was too 'far-out' and ridiculous. Now we're not so sure. All bets are off. We have entered the age of Star Wars and such.

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