Saturday, June 25, 2005


It's Saturday night, June 26th. Finally, after such a long, long time away from this blog, I'm back. The flu took all of us here on such a journey, and now that we've regained our health, it seemed there is so much catching up to do. Of course, lots has changed in the interim, but it is very hard to define exactly what this is...transformation on many levels. We've been here, there and everywhere in our plans, hearts and emotions. These are such crazy times we live in, and everyday is so full of soap operas, cosmic set-ups and changes. The happiest change was having our tenants move out. The energy in our home shifted for the better when they left.

Tonight I'm enjoying peaceful music, stargazing, reading and relaxing with my partner. We're enjoying being mellow after a long period of re-organizing the home and redecorating the downstairs. Initially, we were planning to do vacation rental for our downstairs unit, then we changed that to another long term tenant. He should move in tomorrow. That's the plan anyway, but hey, around here, nothing is ever certain it seems. It's summertime, and the flowers are blooming all over our property and in planters on our deck. Zero mosquitoes. Gentle breezes. Cool at night. These are the kinds of nights that make one want to live on Maui forever.

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