Thursday, March 24, 2005

The flu has made it's way into our home. Like many others around the world, we have been very, very tired. This seems to be the signature stamp of this kind of flu: pure bone tired weariness....all you want to do is sleep. Forget exercising. Forget your worries or your joys. All you want to do is feel yourself again.

I am on the tail-end of this flu now, and I have the energy to catch up on some of the things that haven't been done while I've been healing. Easter is almost here. And Spring is in the air.... I love is my favorite season.

On Maui now the weather is perfect....warm in the day, cool at night. I can't think of a place with a better climate. Spring on Maui is what each person should experience at least once in their lifetime. However, they should bring plenty of money because the price of gas is the highest in the nation and the cost of food, well, fuggadabotit!

It's good to have a raw food eating plan here for several reasons. First, you will save money, and second, my raw food friends share with me that you will loose weight quickly. They have lost tons of weight since going raw. Thus, I have been trying to eat totally raw on their recommendation. My body is resisting this raw eating however. Even though I rarely eat any kind of junk food, I still CRAVE cooked food from time to time, especially when I'm not feeling well. There's something so healing about a bowl of hot chicken soup when you're not well. The Jewish Penicillin it's been called. It really works...I can testify to this.

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