Monday, February 28, 2005

I've been going through a reflective phase where it feels as if I have pushed my own "Pause" button. My moods are alternatively depressed, bored, morbid, ecstatic, surrendering and sometimes, hopeful. I don't know how much longer it is going to last, and all I can do is try to ride this Saturn Return phase. Since change is the dominant force, I know this phase will too change. I am praying that by June, I will be able to resume my "Play" button with most of this hairy-scary Saturn transit over and done with. It's a bitch, but what is one going to do but flow with it?

Recently I watched a documentary movie at the Maui Cultural Center. It was titled, "Short Cut to Nirvana: Kumbh Mela". Before the opening of the movie, the legendary Ram Dass was wheeled out on stage in his wheelchair to make a short speech. It shows what great persistence he has that he can speak after his stroke from many years ago. I'm sure it is still challenging to speak clearly. He has made remarkable progress, and I congratulate him on this. He stated that he had now moved to Maui...and that this film that we would soon be watching on India reminded him of Maui. If I remember right, he said that Maui is the new India. I was startled to hear him say this,and I kept thinking about what he meant all the time I watched the film. I am still thinking about this remark several weeks later.

Let me back track a bit and explain about the Kumbh Mela. It is the biggest gathering of people in the history of humanity with roughly 70 million pilgrims from all across India and the world attend this extraordinary spiritual festival. Spiritual masters from all over India and elsewhere set up compounds where their followers receive spiritual teachings, food and non-stop action. The sight of all these followers, the teachers, the colors, the song and cacophony left me on sensory overload. Is Maui going to be over-run and overpopulated with gurus like India? It certainly seems crazy to think like this, but there are days on Maui when the traffic is really bad and the island is humming with tourists that one wonders if Maui is not on its way, at least as far as the hordes of people go. This year all the hotels and b & b's are booked solid. Something must be drawing all these people here other than the great beaches, beautiful weather and the whales. Why is Maui the number one island destination?

My suspicion: It's because there is something magnetizing them here! Possibly they will be given a brief experience of 5-D reality? Maybe then they can go home and compare their energies to that of Maui. Maybe Maui will give them some insights into what they will eventually be experiencing in their own hometowns. I truly believe that Maui's energies are more pure and uplifting than 90% of Mainland energies...we have crossed over a bit into dreamland here already. This must be why Ram Dass has decided to spend his final years here. Maui will be what India once was, a sourcing for great spiritual wisdom but without the egotistic gurus.

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