Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It started around January 5th, but I didn't totally tune into it until Jan. 6th with a powerful dream. Then I really noticed that something had seriously shifted on Maui, and all for the GOOD! I became aware that everyone I interacted with seemed extremely happy, be they clerks or waiters or people I passed in the street. There was something that had lifted Maui up a notch. Perhaps this is what the 5th dimensional energies will feel like. And though today is January 13th, everyone is sticking with this optimistic, friendly, happy energetic. It's not just me that has experienced this...others I know have experienced it too.

With all the tragedies going on in the world right now, one might wonder how these two vastly different realities could be occuring on the same planet. But I am here to tell you that such is the case. Even though we are in the midst of the earth changes, there are signs of spring and new birth happening admidst the chaos, the despair and the crumbling of the old paradigm. My sense (as per my dream) is that by the end of August, another huge shift will happen that will lift us even higher. Compassion and action has grown on this planet enormously since the tsunami disaster. People are becoming more aware of the interconnectedness of us all. Even the animals had some good press and were acknowledged for their wisdom at making a run for the hills prior to the tsunami arriving. It's about time that folks give animals some credit for smarts. The story I particularly enjoyed in this regard is how the homeless Thai dogs that were starving at one time had now been trained to do recovery work and were excelling in their new tasks. Yes, the turn-around is happening! The bliss is beginning.

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