Monday, January 17, 2005

I have a birds-eye view to whale watch from my bedroom window as I can see much of the coastline and waters of Kihei. Today there has been a practice session of a mother humpback whale with her baby. The baby finally mastered it after four tries. It is the sweetest thing in the world to watch the whales. Why I'm not exactly sure. There is something so appealing about them that defies analysis.

And there's nothing sadder than to see whales that have come ashore and die. Recently this happened in Kihei when a baby sperm whale beached itself followed by its mother. There is zero explanation as normally sperm whales are deep water whales and rarely come into shallow waters. I suspect the sonar experiments or possible earth changes. The whale folks managed to carry the whales to whale prison, err...the place where they nurse sick whales. This place is called by the locals whale prison. Everyone loves the whales here on Maui...even if one has the hardest of hearts, a whale will surely open it. They have that gift of magic.

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