Monday, January 17, 2005

I have a birds-eye view to whale watch from my bedroom window as I can see much of the coastline and waters of Kihei. Today there has been a practice session of a mother humpback whale with her baby. The baby finally mastered it after four tries. It is the sweetest thing in the world to watch the whales. Why I'm not exactly sure. There is something so appealing about them that defies analysis.

And there's nothing sadder than to see whales that have come ashore and die. Recently this happened in Kihei when a baby sperm whale beached itself followed by its mother. There is zero explanation as normally sperm whales are deep water whales and rarely come into shallow waters. I suspect the sonar experiments or possible earth changes. The whale folks managed to carry the whales to whale prison, err...the place where they nurse sick whales. This place is called by the locals whale prison. Everyone loves the whales here on Maui...even if one has the hardest of hearts, a whale will surely open it. They have that gift of magic.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It started around January 5th, but I didn't totally tune into it until Jan. 6th with a powerful dream. Then I really noticed that something had seriously shifted on Maui, and all for the GOOD! I became aware that everyone I interacted with seemed extremely happy, be they clerks or waiters or people I passed in the street. There was something that had lifted Maui up a notch. Perhaps this is what the 5th dimensional energies will feel like. And though today is January 13th, everyone is sticking with this optimistic, friendly, happy energetic. It's not just me that has experienced this...others I know have experienced it too.

With all the tragedies going on in the world right now, one might wonder how these two vastly different realities could be occuring on the same planet. But I am here to tell you that such is the case. Even though we are in the midst of the earth changes, there are signs of spring and new birth happening admidst the chaos, the despair and the crumbling of the old paradigm. My sense (as per my dream) is that by the end of August, another huge shift will happen that will lift us even higher. Compassion and action has grown on this planet enormously since the tsunami disaster. People are becoming more aware of the interconnectedness of us all. Even the animals had some good press and were acknowledged for their wisdom at making a run for the hills prior to the tsunami arriving. It's about time that folks give animals some credit for smarts. The story I particularly enjoyed in this regard is how the homeless Thai dogs that were starving at one time had now been trained to do recovery work and were excelling in their new tasks. Yes, the turn-around is happening! The bliss is beginning.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

On New Year's Eve we stood on our flat roof which has a commanding view of much of Maui and watched firework displays in four directions. The neighbors were setting off firecrackers, and the air was filled with the smell of acrid smoke. Between the beauty of the colorful, blazing fireworks in the night sky and the noisy island-wide vibe of celebration, I contemplated my year ahead and the future of Maui, the World and all the creatures great and small that inhabit this small planet.

Like most everyone else, I have been praying for all the tsunami victims and survivors. The scale of this recent disaster is just so huge that it's almost hard to imagine: MILLIONS of people have been first-hand impacted. The feeling that so many sense (including myself) is that IT has begun, and with this feeling, there is dread. The news reports of possible other calamities that can happen anytime all around the world, and thus, to find joy is an exercise in overcoming anxiety and finding the balance in the heart. It's not easy for me.

I spent time with my partner several years ago on PhiPhi Island in Thailand and in Phuket, Thailand. I know the beaches there well and have warm memories of the lovely, sweet Thai people. They asked us to adopt them and take them home with us. The dream of so many Thai people we discovered was to come to America and work as a house servant. Thailand was great for tourists, but not equally so for the locals for their lives were fairly tough. As I found out years before when Neplase and Tibetan people we had interacted with wished us to take them to America, bringing other nationalities into our country isn't easy. Of course, where would we even begin as every person we met who asked us was equally adorable!

My knock-off Nike sandals were purchased on PhiPhi Island, and now when I hike in them, I will hike with haunting memories. On my bureau with many photos, I have a picture of myself at the famous Beach (made famous by the movie called The Beach) with just my smiling head above the light aquamarine water. I had felt such strong mermaid energy there. I read that 300 or more were missing from there. As fantastical as it might seem, I like to imagine that those that are missing were adopted by the mermaids and have been moved to where the living is easy.

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