Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Today is Winter Solstice, one of the high holy days of the year. I have been quietly celebrating the day in solitude with my only outreach being multiple Solstice greeting emails to friends via Conscious Cards. Because the day is overcast, the ambience of the day as reflected in the weather has pulled me inwards to pray, to celebrate, to remember and at times to wonder what the heck is going on.

Since I returned from the Big Island from my dolphin-swimming trip, there has been much drama afoot. Just as it seemed that Bob and I had a handle on the ongoing dramas that were taking place AROUND us with other people and that things were (hopefully) settling down again, here comes another one! The latest drama is in the guise of a couple that long ago moved off Maui. They left much ill will with many, while Bob and I observed their actions and the resultant reactions from others. We didn't know them very well, but well enough to know that they were seen by many as New Age con artists of the highest caliber that left a trail all over the world.

Today a phone call comes in from them, and their message was that they had landed on Maui and desperately needed a place to crash and would we kindly donate our couches to their family? NOT! However, merely their requesting this has made me wonder 'what the heck is going on!' Is that No Mooches Allowed sign that I invisibly wrote above our front door still in place? Do I need to make our home invisible to the never-ending matrix mooch agents that only change faces as soon as one dissolves the others? What gives? Clearly there is something here for me/us to look at.

There is something to be said about moving around often and changing one's phone number and email address. You cut off all the mooches, slackers and deadwood. Since we have been here for a long, long time with the same phone number, we tend to attract the conmeisters as they circle round again for another go at Maui. This time we have strong boundaries, a full house and hopefully an attitude that will dispel them if they even try! Bah Humbug is my Christmas reply to those that push past this defensive fort of our home!

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