Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Christmas season on Maui is feeling quite surreal. To begin with, snow was made available to children under the enormous Banyan Tree in Lahaina. Most of these local children had never seen snow. For the entry fee of a can of food to help a charity, children could play in real snow for four minutes. 500 or more children showed up to see what snow looked and felt like and to do Christmas crafts. The chaotic scene was not-to-be-believed according to my daughter who was one of the three instructing the children in the crafts department. Why do kids here need to have snow?

Upon returning home, my daughter joined my partner and me for a dud of a movie, "Christmas With The Cranks". Billed as a comedy, my daughter and I couldn't find anything funny at all about this movie, and yet the audience loved it. It's really scarey when one views blatant holiday programming on the big screen. This movie felt like a cartoon, and it surely must be an embarrasment to the stars that had to play these ridiculous roles in this sappy movie. Is this what Christmas holiday is like for some people I have to wonder? If so, then I am doubly scared. I don't want to put up decorations after seeing this small wreath on the door will be the extent of my decoration. I look across the street at the Christmas decorations of our neighbors, a giant lit Palm tree and a giant Santa Claus that is usually deflated by morning and lying in a puddle of red on the grass. It is all too surreal. So this is the Christmas season on Maui... programming imported from cooler climes and trying to fit into our tropical zone. It just doesn't work for me.

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