Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas parties are where you get to see people you generally only see once a year at a Christmas party. Other than that, you never run into these people in the supermarket, the movies or the bookstore. They are out there living their busy lives, but their circuit is different than yours. Or such is the case with me. And this is the reason why I like Christmas parties, for I get to catch-up on people's lives and find out what's going on in the Maui I'm not in touch with.

Some people seem to look the same from year to year with just a touch of ageing, whilst you can observe that some have had a rough year. So it was last evening at a Christmas party I attended in Pukalani. I hadn't seen the hostess in at least a year, and her recently acquired home in Pukalani was beautiful, and it suited her. She hadn't aged that much, even though she had made two moves this past year. Everyone at the party agreed that her new home was the best place she had lived thus far, as most of us have seen her move around a lot, buying and selling and making a nice profit every time. I feel her latest is a keeper, and she shared that she has plans to renovate. Even the word 'renovate' throws chills up my spine, and I know from recent experience what she is in store for. Oh well! It's her turn I guess.

Many of the people were movers and shakers on Maui with many of them reverends like myself. The talking stick was passed around after a group meditation, and instead of articulating eloquent mahalos as the rest had expressed, I simply decided to allow a few tones to be my sharing when the talking stick was passed my way. This was very daring on my part as I used to think I was in the group of the singing impaired. I felt guided by Spirit to make this contribution for whatever it was worth. No one came up to me afterwards and told me this was inappropriate or scarey or terrifying, thus I am emboldened to utilize my voice in 2005. Watch out world.
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