Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas parties are where you get to see people you generally only see once a year at a Christmas party. Other than that, you never run into these people in the supermarket, the movies or the bookstore. They are out there living their busy lives, but their circuit is different than yours. Or such is the case with me. And this is the reason why I like Christmas parties, for I get to catch-up on people's lives and find out what's going on in the Maui I'm not in touch with.

Some people seem to look the same from year to year with just a touch of ageing, whilst you can observe that some have had a rough year. So it was last evening at a Christmas party I attended in Pukalani. I hadn't seen the hostess in at least a year, and her recently acquired home in Pukalani was beautiful, and it suited her. She hadn't aged that much, even though she had made two moves this past year. Everyone at the party agreed that her new home was the best place she had lived thus far, as most of us have seen her move around a lot, buying and selling and making a nice profit every time. I feel her latest is a keeper, and she shared that she has plans to renovate. Even the word 'renovate' throws chills up my spine, and I know from recent experience what she is in store for. Oh well! It's her turn I guess.

Many of the people were movers and shakers on Maui with many of them reverends like myself. The talking stick was passed around after a group meditation, and instead of articulating eloquent mahalos as the rest had expressed, I simply decided to allow a few tones to be my sharing when the talking stick was passed my way. This was very daring on my part as I used to think I was in the group of the singing impaired. I felt guided by Spirit to make this contribution for whatever it was worth. No one came up to me afterwards and told me this was inappropriate or scarey or terrifying, thus I am emboldened to utilize my voice in 2005. Watch out world.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Today is Winter Solstice, one of the high holy days of the year. I have been quietly celebrating the day in solitude with my only outreach being multiple Solstice greeting emails to friends via Conscious Cards. Because the day is overcast, the ambience of the day as reflected in the weather has pulled me inwards to pray, to celebrate, to remember and at times to wonder what the heck is going on.

Since I returned from the Big Island from my dolphin-swimming trip, there has been much drama afoot. Just as it seemed that Bob and I had a handle on the ongoing dramas that were taking place AROUND us with other people and that things were (hopefully) settling down again, here comes another one! The latest drama is in the guise of a couple that long ago moved off Maui. They left much ill will with many, while Bob and I observed their actions and the resultant reactions from others. We didn't know them very well, but well enough to know that they were seen by many as New Age con artists of the highest caliber that left a trail all over the world.

Today a phone call comes in from them, and their message was that they had landed on Maui and desperately needed a place to crash and would we kindly donate our couches to their family? NOT! However, merely their requesting this has made me wonder 'what the heck is going on!' Is that No Mooches Allowed sign that I invisibly wrote above our front door still in place? Do I need to make our home invisible to the never-ending matrix mooch agents that only change faces as soon as one dissolves the others? What gives? Clearly there is something here for me/us to look at.

There is something to be said about moving around often and changing one's phone number and email address. You cut off all the mooches, slackers and deadwood. Since we have been here for a long, long time with the same phone number, we tend to attract the conmeisters as they circle round again for another go at Maui. This time we have strong boundaries, a full house and hopefully an attitude that will dispel them if they even try! Bah Humbug is my Christmas reply to those that push past this defensive fort of our home!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Christmas season on Maui is feeling quite surreal. To begin with, snow was made available to children under the enormous Banyan Tree in Lahaina. Most of these local children had never seen snow. For the entry fee of a can of food to help a charity, children could play in real snow for four minutes. 500 or more children showed up to see what snow looked and felt like and to do Christmas crafts. The chaotic scene was not-to-be-believed according to my daughter who was one of the three instructing the children in the crafts department. Why do kids here need to have snow?

Upon returning home, my daughter joined my partner and me for a dud of a movie, "Christmas With The Cranks". Billed as a comedy, my daughter and I couldn't find anything funny at all about this movie, and yet the audience loved it. It's really scarey when one views blatant holiday programming on the big screen. This movie felt like a cartoon, and it surely must be an embarrasment to the stars that had to play these ridiculous roles in this sappy movie. Is this what Christmas holiday is like for some people I have to wonder? If so, then I am doubly scared. I don't want to put up decorations after seeing this small wreath on the door will be the extent of my decoration. I look across the street at the Christmas decorations of our neighbors, a giant lit Palm tree and a giant Santa Claus that is usually deflated by morning and lying in a puddle of red on the grass. It is all too surreal. So this is the Christmas season on Maui... programming imported from cooler climes and trying to fit into our tropical zone. It just doesn't work for me.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Every morning it's the same old thing: Bob jumps out of bed and looks out the window to check if the notorious Calico Cat is hiding in the bushes. We have a birdfeeder hanging from a branch of our magnificent mimosa tree where hundreds of birds gather for their morning breakfast. This Calico Cat (real name of Gypsy) likes to lie in the bushes awaiting a bird breakfast of his own. Since Bob is fiercely protective of every bird, he likes to chase the Calico Cat away. This has become a game between the two of them, and since they are both equally persistent, it will probably remain so. Somedays the Calico Cat sneaks back later hoping to outwit Bob who monitors the safety of the birds from the window. I get a good morning laugh out of this.

Our own cat, Anela, used to be the guardian of HER birds at one time. Now she's bored with doing that job, and she has delegated this job to Bob. Cats are very smart at making humans their slaves. Anela doesn't care to stalk the morning birds as they feed (I speculate) because she has witnessed how much we love the birds. For twelve years, we have been feeding these adorable Indonesian Sparrows wild-bird seed, and their population has grown. There are a few cardinals and other birds thrown in for contrast, but the masses of birds that crowd around the birdfeeder and perched in the tree are Indonesian Sparrows. Their population has grown perhaps, or else they have told their friends that this is where the good chow is. No other cat (except for the Calico Cat) in our neighborhood dares to stalk these birds...perhaps Anela put the word out many years ago to back off? Anela has seniority in this neighborhood for she is a middle-aged cat who is still in super shape.

In every home on our street there is a cat or dog, and in some there are both plus other beings like pet rats, etc. Dogs race merrily up and down the street...poi dogs they are called, local mutt dogs. We do have one purebred Maltese living across the street from us who is generally on a leash, an exception. The cats likewise run around without collars or nametags, but every neighbor knows which cat belongs to which neighbor. For a period of time, we had an animal hater who threw paraquat poison with meat wrapped around it on the streets in our neighborhood, and many unsuspecting cats and dogs took the bait and died a painful death. The Humane Society still has a huge reward out for the identity of this person.

I called an animal psychic to find out who this might be (after my other cat Blu died this way), and I needed to know what motivated this sicko. The psychic told me why this person was doing this (sacrificing to demons), but he was unable to give me a telephone number or address of the perpetrator. Something has changed however, because this year (thus far, knock on wood), no incidents have happened as they used to regularly once a year for the last 15 years. I am grateful that the energies have changed in this regard, because I really enjoy the freedom the animals have around here, plus they bring much joy to our neighborhood.

Our cat Anela (Angel in Hawaiian) has her own cat door and a really good life. She has lived in this same house since she was a tiny baby, a feral cat that I adopted... arranged by a friend who volunteered at that Cat House in the Maui Humane Society.

I was still grieving over Lucky, my former cat, who liked to push his luck until one day his luck ran out. I'm serious...this cat really pushed it. He was the only cat I've ever seen who would take a nap in the middle of the road. He must have had a death wish. He was given a very elaborate Egyptian burial in our backyard attended by all my friends who had loved that crazy cat.

Cats come and go on Maui, but they have many bodies to incarnate into should they choose to be a cat again, for there is a large feral cat population on Maui. Various organizations have a capture program where they catch them, neuter them and then release them again in an effort to keep the cat population under control. The feral cats have lots of yummy things to eat over here in the wild, so they manage pretty good. They have a major feral cat hang-out in Iao Valley.

I was told by the animal psychic that Blu (my cat who had been poisoned) decided he would rather be a horse the next time around, so he incarnated as a white mare upcountry. I like to imagine him peacefully grazing upon the emerald grass and enjoying a very peaceful existence. He deserves la dolce vita, for he had been a exceptional highly evolved cat.

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