Monday, November 08, 2004

When I awaken in the morning, my guides are giving me lots of ideas to write about, and thus, the morning is my best time to write for I am full of energy, information from my guides and downloads from my dreams. Today I received insight on a current situation that is unfolding in my home as I grokked the deeper significance and underlying storyline.

Anger, discontent and disquiet are instrumental in helping me to take the above mentioned information and actually write! If it weren't for what are the so-called negative emotions, I would perhaps never get around to writing for there are many wonderful things to do on a gorgeous Hawaiian morning. Thus, I am blest to have these negative emotions as companions to provoke me to get off my lazy okole and write even though the day calls for me to perform more practical duties.

I told Bob I finally understood his psychological profile for having his ex-wife and her husband stay with us, take over our living quarters, and sleep on our living room couches. He begrudingly agreed that this may be true. Duh?! I didn't see it for awhile, but my guides did! They have to help me through my density sometimes! :-) They showed me what is really in it for Bob: he gets to rub it in to his ex-wife with his beautiful new home, his new car, his beautiful family (Genvieve and myself), and thus, he gets his revenge for her taking all his money in a divorce many years ago. Bob is still angry for her leaving him and taking most of his hard-earned money with her. So in a way, this visit of Bob's ex-wife and her husband (as uncomfortable and inelegant as it is) is necesary as a karmic clearing, completion and healing for Bob and his ex.

One by one all of Bob's ex's have been showing up this year, and when I consider that this is his nine-year in numerology (the final year in the 9-year cycle we all cycle through), and that his new one year cycle wil begin in February, I understand that these completions are required for him to move afresh into his next cycle. It is fascinating to study and observe others, and with the tools of numerology and astrology, my understanding of others is so much more enhanced.

Studying people and all that goes with it is one of my favorite things to do. The Greeks believed that their Gods liked to interfere in our small lives, thus creating all the cycles, tragedies, comedies, and ridiculous soap operas that humans undergo. I have considered this philosophy, and perhaps we are all the playthings and puppets of the hyperdimensionals (the Greek Gods) who with their greater perspective and power have great fun messing with humans. Perhaps only those humans with awareness and knowledge can circumvent their meddling. The rest of the sheeple are caught up in the matrix. Of course, I like to hope this set-up is coming to an end. This part of me is the hopeful, positive part of me.

The concept of the organic portals as outlined on the Cassiopea and also the Montalk websites is an intriguing one to combine with the matrix. The idea being set forth on these websites (fleshed out with many details) is that half the population is of another type of being, an organic portal or OP for short. These OP are beings without a soul, and they interact with the human race unbeknownst to most humans. Perhaps they are sent in from Matrix Control Headquarters to be the monkeywrench in human affairs or to be the one that seduces another and causes disruption in a relationship, and to be the seasoning/reasoning for the human drama to unfold with more complexity and synchronicity so that the Gods are kept perpetually amused.

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