Monday, November 22, 2004

This is the time of the year (Thanksgiving) when we are supposed to count our blessings and give thanks. I can usually think of lots of things that cheer me up and make me extremely grateful, but I am gonna list my top ten that many people might not know...counting down from ten to one. It goes without saying that extended famiy and friends, peace of mind and joy of being alive are always the number one ingredients for which I am grateful, but I will list others that make my list this Thanksgiving season.

10. I'm thankful a book like "Jonathon Strange & Mr. Norrell" by Susanna Clark is successful and on the best seller's list. Our world needs to have writers that know how to conjure true magic, and this is one such transports us to a fictional universe that appears more real than the one we inhabit. I laughed outloud through all the 700 plus pages and read every one of the footnotes (of which they are plenty, and for which one will no doubt need a magnifying glass like I did). Susanna is a master storyteller, and I hope that a director with great talent and courage will make this book into a movie. Thus far, I'm the only person I personally know that has tackled this amazing, complex book.

9. I'm thankful for the new CD by Andrea Bocelli simply titled Andrea. I can never have enough of his music. His thrilling voice (and Italian songs) soothes my soul and ignites my passion. Listening to Andrea quite simply is a voluptuous experience.

8. I'm thankful for the new television series "Desperate Housewives". It is howlingly funny and all too keen about the lives of housewives. No wonder it is a huge hit for I'm sure many women can identify with any one of the main characters. Written and conceived by a man who was inspired by the story his mother shared with him when she was a housewife, it speaks to both men and women.

8. I'm thankful for email and internet. Both of these take up a goodly part of my day, and it's all worth it. Because of emails, I can now keep up with many more people than I could if I had to write letters or make phone calls. My life has expanded because of the technology and brought many wonderful new beings into my life that I might never have met otherwise. There is a perpetual smile on my face from the email I receive. Being a 'communicator', the internet is the best gift anyone could give me. I read, study, research, write, and learn all day long sometimes, and I have to pull myself away from the computer from time to time, or nothing else will get accomplished.

7. I'm thankful I live on Maui. We have everything here that one could ask or dream for, even if it's a little bit slow in coming sometimes. The natural beauty, the great beaches and the activities are unmatched by any of the other Hawaiian islands, and that is why Maui is chosen by Conde Naste as the best island destination in the world. As more and more people discover Maui and make the leap over the big pond to here, Maui is changing rapidly with the influx of the new blood. Thus far, I am blown away with the fact that one teensy island in the middle of the big ol Pacific could offer so much to so many. May everyone who comes here experience the grace of Mama Maui and may they flourish if they choose to stay and play.

6. I'm thankful that the angels, spirit guides and assorted spiritual beings watch over and protect us as we learn our lessons... despite our folly, indiscretions and stupidities. Were it not for them, we would be doing a whole lot worse. Even in downtimes, I know that none of us are ever bereft and alone, even though it may feel like this. And when we call out and ask for help, I witness on a daily basis the miracles that take place for my family, my friends, and me. How very blest we are!

5. I'm thankful that we're making progress in human kindness. Although it may seem to some that we're going backwards with the war going on and atrocities reported daily in the news, I see a a forward movement in kindness and decency. The human species is evolving, and slowly but surely, we are all becoming more humane and loving to one another. There is an unfolding story that will be the delicious cherry on top of the multi-layered multidimensional cake. I can taste this cherry even now.

I will count down the next top five in my next posting.
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