Sunday, November 14, 2004

On this misty, drizzling Sunday, I am reminded of the energy deva that presides over our home and land: I call this Grand Deva "The Sentinel". At times, I feel as if she (and it's definitely a female energy) is looking out through my eyes. She likes to look in the far distance on any day of the week, but she feels especially present within me on days like today. I suspect the strong feeling of her presence has to do with the rainy weather. Perhaps she is an ancient Hawaiian ancestral rain goddess.

There are certain rocks here in these islands that the geologists refer to as "sentinel rocks". These ancient lava rocks are separated from the land, having been separated through many years of wind, wave and ocean currents. One of the most famous ones on Maui is Alau Island (known by many as Koki Island) off the coast of Hana. With its comical cap of coconut trees on the top, it is quite the photo op. I would like to stand amongst this grove of trees and experience the energy there. I'm sure the energy would be quite extraordinary.

I'm an energy junkie, especially the kind of energy that is filled with peace, joy and upliftment. Since I am drawn to spend time and honor the Ancestors at sacred sites in these islands, I have been blest with many visions, insights and knowings. The 'sentinel', guardian energy is powerfully present at these power spots, not just here in my home. Before I hike or step upon a trail, I acknowledge this guardian energy and ask its permission, often leaving a small token or offering. This is a respectful action, and the intent is known by the sentinel there. I feel the same way upon entering someone's home, and even if I have been invited in by the earthly tenants of a home, I prefer to silently request the permission of the Deva of the home. This knowing is so basic with me that I am amazed that others who have lived in these islands haven't a clue about any of these protocols.

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