Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Continuing on with my countdown of ten things I wish to acknowledge great gratitude...

5. I am thankful for courageous young (and old) servicemen and women that have been stationed overseas who are coming home in one piece and very much alive. I don't agree with any war and perhaps many that are doing their job don't agree with war either. I think war should should be cancelled like a bad sitcom. It's time that our world find another way to resolve differences. However, with that said, I am extremely grateful that those who have to join in this aeons old custom of putting the hurt on another will survive and return home to their loved ones. This goes for every man and woman from any group anywhere in this crazyass world stuck in any warzone. They have all made great sacrifices, and may all be welcomed home with loving embrace and celebration. 'Nuf said on this subject or I will have to cry.

4. I am thankful for water. It is so incredibly precious and such a gift to everything on this planet. In recent years water has been shown to be an incredibly endangered resource. May every human learn to treat it with the reverence, respect and impeccable care it deserves. Every time one takes a sip of good, clean water a prayer of gratitude should be expressed.

3. I am thankful for dolphins and whales. They do incredible work for this planet and for the most part receive little if any acknowledgement for their contribution of the maintenance of our planetary balance and health. In the last twenty years, the consciousness on this planet has risen to a degree that many more are now aware of the beneficence of the cetaceans (dolphins and whales), but there is yet a long way to go before humankind forges a strong link with the dolphins and whales. In the meantime, they (like most other species) are being severely tested. I have done my little bit to wake up others through my book about the gifts they so freely give us, and I know I have a lot more to do in this regard.

2. I am thankful for blogspots like this one. They allow people like me to vent, to express our truth, and to share our hearts with who-knows-who that reads the blogs. Blogging is such a gift for all the communicators in the world who want to share! Before blogging came along, many didn't have a way to be heard. Now we have a way!Hip hip hoorah for blogspots and bloggers.

1. I am thankful for Spirit, the All That Is, the Great God/Goddess that sustains all the worlds within worlds within worlds.
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