Sunday, November 28, 2004

Carlos Nakai, the world renowned Native American flutist, in concert with our local Hawaiian favorite, Keola Beamer and his beautiful hula dancing wife Moana Beamer, performing together in concert at the MACC is a performance that's hard to beat. They integrated their musical styles and personalities with precision last evening with a show that had everyone screaming "Hana Hou" for more! I love how they (along with a master Hawaiian chanter) integrated their indigenous wisdom into their performance so that those of us who aren't of pure indigenous blood could understand! Their show was titled "Native Voices", and I truly felt the Ancestors were in the auditorium with us. Perhaps many of us 'haoles' were once Native Hawaiians and Native Americans as well in other lives?

Through the years I have heard many elders such as the Dalai Lama for example remark on the similarities between their culture and the Hawaiian culture. Indeed there seems to be so many connections between the Hawaiians, the Hopis, the Aborigines, the Egyptians, the Tibetans and others that it makes one marvel. Last evening Carlos Nakai shared his knowings about these connections which also happens to correlate to the information in an Hawaiian history book which I have cherished for many years titled "Perpetuated in Righteousness".

Here's the gist of what Carlos shared: The history we were fed in school about the Native Americans arriving in America via the Bering Strait is misleading. Instead, the Native Americans originated back in the Middle East and Egypt, then they moved eastward in migration...migrating down into Arabia, India,Tibet, Indonesia, Australia, Polynesia, Hawaii, South America and eventually moved up the spine (mountain chain)of the Americas into North America. Along the way they left their stories in music, art and dance...and that's how their migration can be traced so perfectly. Carlos, in his many years of touring the world with musical performances, has researched these connections, and thus, he confirmed what the author of the aforementioned book discovered through etymology.

Last evening as I looked around the audience, I had such a heart-rush knowing that most of the people attending were reincarnations of these natives moving around the planet so many times generation after generation. Many of them may have forgotten the details of these many lives, but their hearts haven't forgotten the music. It is the music and dance that is evergreen, and our hearts remember.

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