Sunday, November 28, 2004

Carlos Nakai, the world renowned Native American flutist, in concert with our local Hawaiian favorite, Keola Beamer and his beautiful hula dancing wife Moana Beamer, performing together in concert at the MACC is a performance that's hard to beat. They integrated their musical styles and personalities with precision last evening with a show that had everyone screaming "Hana Hou" for more! I love how they (along with a master Hawaiian chanter) integrated their indigenous wisdom into their performance so that those of us who aren't of pure indigenous blood could understand! Their show was titled "Native Voices", and I truly felt the Ancestors were in the auditorium with us. Perhaps many of us 'haoles' were once Native Hawaiians and Native Americans as well in other lives?

Through the years I have heard many elders such as the Dalai Lama for example remark on the similarities between their culture and the Hawaiian culture. Indeed there seems to be so many connections between the Hawaiians, the Hopis, the Aborigines, the Egyptians, the Tibetans and others that it makes one marvel. Last evening Carlos Nakai shared his knowings about these connections which also happens to correlate to the information in an Hawaiian history book which I have cherished for many years titled "Perpetuated in Righteousness".

Here's the gist of what Carlos shared: The history we were fed in school about the Native Americans arriving in America via the Bering Strait is misleading. Instead, the Native Americans originated back in the Middle East and Egypt, then they moved eastward in migration...migrating down into Arabia, India,Tibet, Indonesia, Australia, Polynesia, Hawaii, South America and eventually moved up the spine (mountain chain)of the Americas into North America. Along the way they left their stories in music, art and dance...and that's how their migration can be traced so perfectly. Carlos, in his many years of touring the world with musical performances, has researched these connections, and thus, he confirmed what the author of the aforementioned book discovered through etymology.

Last evening as I looked around the audience, I had such a heart-rush knowing that most of the people attending were reincarnations of these natives moving around the planet so many times generation after generation. Many of them may have forgotten the details of these many lives, but their hearts haven't forgotten the music. It is the music and dance that is evergreen, and our hearts remember.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Continuing on with my countdown of ten things I wish to acknowledge great gratitude...

5. I am thankful for courageous young (and old) servicemen and women that have been stationed overseas who are coming home in one piece and very much alive. I don't agree with any war and perhaps many that are doing their job don't agree with war either. I think war should should be cancelled like a bad sitcom. It's time that our world find another way to resolve differences. However, with that said, I am extremely grateful that those who have to join in this aeons old custom of putting the hurt on another will survive and return home to their loved ones. This goes for every man and woman from any group anywhere in this crazyass world stuck in any warzone. They have all made great sacrifices, and may all be welcomed home with loving embrace and celebration. 'Nuf said on this subject or I will have to cry.

4. I am thankful for water. It is so incredibly precious and such a gift to everything on this planet. In recent years water has been shown to be an incredibly endangered resource. May every human learn to treat it with the reverence, respect and impeccable care it deserves. Every time one takes a sip of good, clean water a prayer of gratitude should be expressed.

3. I am thankful for dolphins and whales. They do incredible work for this planet and for the most part receive little if any acknowledgement for their contribution of the maintenance of our planetary balance and health. In the last twenty years, the consciousness on this planet has risen to a degree that many more are now aware of the beneficence of the cetaceans (dolphins and whales), but there is yet a long way to go before humankind forges a strong link with the dolphins and whales. In the meantime, they (like most other species) are being severely tested. I have done my little bit to wake up others through my book about the gifts they so freely give us, and I know I have a lot more to do in this regard.

2. I am thankful for blogspots like this one. They allow people like me to vent, to express our truth, and to share our hearts with who-knows-who that reads the blogs. Blogging is such a gift for all the communicators in the world who want to share! Before blogging came along, many didn't have a way to be heard. Now we have a way!Hip hip hoorah for blogspots and bloggers.

1. I am thankful for Spirit, the All That Is, the Great God/Goddess that sustains all the worlds within worlds within worlds.

Monday, November 22, 2004

This is the time of the year (Thanksgiving) when we are supposed to count our blessings and give thanks. I can usually think of lots of things that cheer me up and make me extremely grateful, but I am gonna list my top ten that many people might not know...counting down from ten to one. It goes without saying that extended famiy and friends, peace of mind and joy of being alive are always the number one ingredients for which I am grateful, but I will list others that make my list this Thanksgiving season.

10. I'm thankful a book like "Jonathon Strange & Mr. Norrell" by Susanna Clark is successful and on the best seller's list. Our world needs to have writers that know how to conjure true magic, and this is one such transports us to a fictional universe that appears more real than the one we inhabit. I laughed outloud through all the 700 plus pages and read every one of the footnotes (of which they are plenty, and for which one will no doubt need a magnifying glass like I did). Susanna is a master storyteller, and I hope that a director with great talent and courage will make this book into a movie. Thus far, I'm the only person I personally know that has tackled this amazing, complex book.

9. I'm thankful for the new CD by Andrea Bocelli simply titled Andrea. I can never have enough of his music. His thrilling voice (and Italian songs) soothes my soul and ignites my passion. Listening to Andrea quite simply is a voluptuous experience.

8. I'm thankful for the new television series "Desperate Housewives". It is howlingly funny and all too keen about the lives of housewives. No wonder it is a huge hit for I'm sure many women can identify with any one of the main characters. Written and conceived by a man who was inspired by the story his mother shared with him when she was a housewife, it speaks to both men and women.

8. I'm thankful for email and internet. Both of these take up a goodly part of my day, and it's all worth it. Because of emails, I can now keep up with many more people than I could if I had to write letters or make phone calls. My life has expanded because of the technology and brought many wonderful new beings into my life that I might never have met otherwise. There is a perpetual smile on my face from the email I receive. Being a 'communicator', the internet is the best gift anyone could give me. I read, study, research, write, and learn all day long sometimes, and I have to pull myself away from the computer from time to time, or nothing else will get accomplished.

7. I'm thankful I live on Maui. We have everything here that one could ask or dream for, even if it's a little bit slow in coming sometimes. The natural beauty, the great beaches and the activities are unmatched by any of the other Hawaiian islands, and that is why Maui is chosen by Conde Naste as the best island destination in the world. As more and more people discover Maui and make the leap over the big pond to here, Maui is changing rapidly with the influx of the new blood. Thus far, I am blown away with the fact that one teensy island in the middle of the big ol Pacific could offer so much to so many. May everyone who comes here experience the grace of Mama Maui and may they flourish if they choose to stay and play.

6. I'm thankful that the angels, spirit guides and assorted spiritual beings watch over and protect us as we learn our lessons... despite our folly, indiscretions and stupidities. Were it not for them, we would be doing a whole lot worse. Even in downtimes, I know that none of us are ever bereft and alone, even though it may feel like this. And when we call out and ask for help, I witness on a daily basis the miracles that take place for my family, my friends, and me. How very blest we are!

5. I'm thankful that we're making progress in human kindness. Although it may seem to some that we're going backwards with the war going on and atrocities reported daily in the news, I see a a forward movement in kindness and decency. The human species is evolving, and slowly but surely, we are all becoming more humane and loving to one another. There is an unfolding story that will be the delicious cherry on top of the multi-layered multidimensional cake. I can taste this cherry even now.

I will count down the next top five in my next posting.

Friday, November 19, 2004

"All the world's a stage and the people merely players," wrote Shakespeare. I have been mulling over this quote and its implications lately as a result of several ongoing soap operas in my own life as well as the life of others that have a surreal feel. Are we involved in past-life replays or are we merely players in a giant stage with invisible puppet masters controlling our every move? Sometimes it seems as if the staging is so flimsy that one could poke a finger right through the illusion. It is at times like this that I remember to not take anything personally. This impersonal stance and p.o.v. helps me to maintain my balance.

During weird times such as these with mysterious elements abounding, I like to refer to certain weathered books that have helped me through challenging times in the past. One such book is "Bunk House Logic" by Ben Stein. My paperback book, dirty and yellowed with age that it is, is all about the rules of the game (LIFE), and it gives one advice about the habits, behavior and attitudes of the confidant achievers in this world. I never fail to get motivated by it. One of the truest things I have experienced that this book states is this: Bad luck is catching (page 103). Oh yeh...know that one!

Monday, November 15, 2004

When I moved to Maui thirteen years ago, I promised myself that I would change my Mainland habit of working too much at the expense of enjoying my life. I wanted to slow down and take time to experience the beckoning beauty of paradise. The promise to myself didn't take very long to break, because in about a year I had taken-on many projects and responsibilities. Once again, my plate was over-flowing, and I was back in the rat-race... even if it was on Maui. I had to put the brakes on because work stress and burn-out were creeping back into my life. I have witnessed this same phenomena with others who move here as well. They bring their old habits with them.

Since the cost-of-living is so high on Maui, many people need to juggle two or three jobs just to get by. Gas prices are among the highest in the nation, and one measley lemon will set you back a dollar at Safeway. Those that find a way to remain living here fall into these categories: thrifty consumers; workers who put in long hours with multiple jobs; struggling businessmen/businesswomen, or else those who have money from elsewhere. Some lucky ones prosper here. Realtors have done especially well in recent years. It is the influx of those with money that have made Maui increasingly yuppified. In the years since I first relocated here, I have seen a marked increase in yuppies. Now they are as plentiful as hippies were in the old days. The times they are a-changing on Maui. We are looking more like Southern California every day.

I read about a newly released book today titled, "Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture." This book has researched the children who have become shoppers at an early age. Children 6 to 12 are visiting stores and shopping more than they are playing outside, reading, or hanging out with friends. These kids are into labels, dream about becoming rich and define themselves by the things they own and wear. This is troubling news. Will this happen to Maui children too? Will the funk leave Maui to be replaced with flash and bling? Will flip-flops have to have a designer name on them? The mind boggles at the vision of what consumer-driven children turning into young adults will do to paradise.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

On this misty, drizzling Sunday, I am reminded of the energy deva that presides over our home and land: I call this Grand Deva "The Sentinel". At times, I feel as if she (and it's definitely a female energy) is looking out through my eyes. She likes to look in the far distance on any day of the week, but she feels especially present within me on days like today. I suspect the strong feeling of her presence has to do with the rainy weather. Perhaps she is an ancient Hawaiian ancestral rain goddess.

There are certain rocks here in these islands that the geologists refer to as "sentinel rocks". These ancient lava rocks are separated from the land, having been separated through many years of wind, wave and ocean currents. One of the most famous ones on Maui is Alau Island (known by many as Koki Island) off the coast of Hana. With its comical cap of coconut trees on the top, it is quite the photo op. I would like to stand amongst this grove of trees and experience the energy there. I'm sure the energy would be quite extraordinary.

I'm an energy junkie, especially the kind of energy that is filled with peace, joy and upliftment. Since I am drawn to spend time and honor the Ancestors at sacred sites in these islands, I have been blest with many visions, insights and knowings. The 'sentinel', guardian energy is powerfully present at these power spots, not just here in my home. Before I hike or step upon a trail, I acknowledge this guardian energy and ask its permission, often leaving a small token or offering. This is a respectful action, and the intent is known by the sentinel there. I feel the same way upon entering someone's home, and even if I have been invited in by the earthly tenants of a home, I prefer to silently request the permission of the Deva of the home. This knowing is so basic with me that I am amazed that others who have lived in these islands haven't a clue about any of these protocols.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

I picked up S. at the airport yesterday. His arrival was unexpected and now gives Bob and me another experience of back-to-back houseguests. One year we suffered through 45 days of back-to-back houseguests which pushed us into our 115th nervous breakdown. We changed the rules about houseguests after that, but our houseguest rules need to be refined further still I feel. I am considering posting the new rules on the outside near the front door right next to the Mooch Sign. These rules would have strong statements such as "No just-washed dripping underwear are to be left on the towel rack." Or "Please put your glasses that you have strewn all over the house into the sink." I know that expecting others to put said glasses into the dishwasher would be pushing my luck. Houseguest etiquette needs to be improved and I have observed during the years our hospitality has been abused.

S. is one of those lucky breeds that migrate back to Maui like the whales. He is what is called in these islands, a snowbird. Snowbirds usually arrive when the weather has cooled off in November, and they leave around April when the hotter weather begins, just like the whales. Unlike the whales, they jet in with pockets full of credit cards and money. After their six months on Maui, they then move on to cooler climes like Aspen, Nantucket, Vancouver, etc. Because their livelihood is not tied to Maui, they can come and go as they please, and they spend good monies here which makes the hungry retailers very happy. Once the snowbirds begin arriving, you have to book your manicure appointments three months ahead of time. I'm not kidding. The snowbirds have moolah, and as we all know, money talks.

Funny thing about snowbirds though.... I have noticed that they arrive looking rather down and world-weary. Having observed this in our snowbird-houseguest who lives a pretty darned charmed life, I have to wonder what's going on in the Mainland. Is life more challenging over there these days I inquire? "Yes! It's the consciousness," he replies, sadly shaking his head. Indeed, he looks as if he needs regeneration. In a week or so, he will be renewewd through plentiful golf games, massage, swimming in the ocean, soaking in a brilliant sunset, and absorbing the mana (the Hawaiian lifeforce which is abundant), he will be shining like we remember him. Mama Maui will perform her magic yet again on another needy snowbird.

Lately we have had a lot vog (volcanic smog) settling in here like an grey overlay in the sky because of the eruption of Kilauea on the Big Island. Thus, everything is not as sparkling as I prefer it. Oh well! Such is the way of the evenly matched dance of polarities here. For instance, I washed the back deck yesterday with the hose because it was covered with black snow, the chunks of refuse from the cane burn that has blown our Kihei direction. Even though everyone and their dog knows that cane burn is carcinogenic, those that can get away with putting this toxin into our environment are still getting away with it. At the same moment I was grumbling to myself about the obnoxious cane burning, I was smelling the most exquisite smell of pikake flowers from our pikake bushes which are blooming like crazy since the recent rainstorm. The amazing, the beautiful, the weird and the corrupt are blended on Maui like a fresh tropical fruit smoothie. It's hard to say if or how long this blend will prevail. Since there is every kind of activist and foreward thinking businessman/woman you can imagine working hard on this island for change of one kind or another,I'm sure the future will be unfolding in very interesting ways.

Another unusual quality of Maui is this: the non-beautiful and/or physically unattractive arise to positions of power in their respective fields. The tables have been turned on the beautiful people here. They can cruise around with anonymity and merge into the population with scarcely a head-turn. If beautiful celebrities vacation here, they may get a glance, but that's about it. It's my guess that these celebrities are insanely happy to discover they can play 'anonymous' for awhile. No one here seems to crane their neck, flatter them or push their way up to hob-knob with them at parties, restaurants or stores. They are treated just like everyone else. The coconut wireless relays that Cameron Diaz (although skinny) has lots of zits, and that Courtney Love likes to run around nude in her hotel room even when she has room service. Locals hear this gossip all the time. No big deal. Yup, just like us! No wonder Maui gathers beautiful celebrities to her like a mother hen. They can be zitty, dirty, funky or downright nasty, and they'll fit right in.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The only visitors I am delighted to see return to Maui each year are the humpback whales for they don't migrate here to take but to give. They give everyone in these islands so much joy, abundance and love that they are eagerly awaited by tourist and residents alike. The early-bird whales usually show up in mid October (the first one this year was spotted on Oct. 23rd), and then the main gang follow in November. The charter boat companies are probably the happiest to see them come for their livelihood depends upon the returning whales. No one, I would venture to guess (not even the President), can create as much pandemonium as the whales, and traffic jams are the norm when they are spotted from the shoreline. This year I will have a birds-eye view from my new eagle's aerie/master bedroom, and I plan to avidly search the horizon with my binoculars to ogle them. I really don't know why observing whales is such a thrill, but it is....even though I have seen these great beings blow,breach,tail slap, and fin wave for many years. The only reason I can fathom for the human fascination with every little movement of whales is that the whales are divine beings, and as such, I (and most humans) know this to be true. Who wouldn't want to miss one second observing divinity in motion? Our hearts know the truth.

In former years I was on a boat nearly everyday taking others to commune with the whales. Being a guide to the whales never grew old as I became enthralled watching the humans almost as much as I enjoyed watching the whales. Observing the 'inner child' of humans react to the presence of whales (and also dolphins) was a never-ending source of delight to me. One of my favorite memories on a whale-watching boat was this one: I saw a crusty old deckhand fall to his knees, clasp his hands in prayer pose and exalt, "Thank You, God!" after everyone on the boat had witnessed the most rare of events, a perfectly executed Triple Skyrocket (my terminology). The center whale blasted forth from the water perfectly straight, while the two whales on either side of the center whale gracefully arced outwards with precision that could only be divine choreography. Everyone onboard was stunned, moved to tears and other emotions because of this moment of Grace. Not one person managed to capture a photo or video this event. Later the sailor shared with me that all the years he had been working on boats that he had never seen such a display.

Thanks to the popularity of whale watching, the Hawai'i whale population is increasing at a rate of 6 to 8 percent a year. This is progress when one considers that not so very long ago, whaling was what brought most foreigners to this island.
This fact alone gives me hope that perhaps the human species is evolving and will learn to honor all creatures great and small. I need all the hope I can get these days considering the critical crossroads the human species has arrived at.

Monday, November 08, 2004

There is currently a severe geomagnetic storm happening worldwide, but I swear that it must be concentrated right here in Maui. This is one reason to account for the argumentative, aggressive nature of our house guest. Another possibility is this: a smart blond is something D. can't quite fathom. D. has become quite insufferable with his inability to let the subject of a word definition drop, primarily because he was proven wrong and this wouldn't do for his ego.

The night began with a lovely dinner at a fine restaurant in Wailea with Bob, myself, and our two houseguests...dinner on us, as usual. During the course of dinner, D. mentioned the final scene of a television show that we all watched last evening on television, Boston Legal. The final scene showed the talented James Spader who is a lawyer in the tv show in bed with a woman that D. wrongly assumed to be the wife of a politician in the script. I corrected him. Big mistake on my part, or maybe not. Were it not for correcting him and informing him that it was a fellow lady lawyer, I might not have discovered his argumentative, hostile nature. He immediately bet me a million dollars, and I said you're on. Of course, neither of us has a million dollars, but I know that I have access to more money than he does as he is quite broke and desperate right now, and that is why he is sleeping on our couch and not in an expensive hotel room.

Next he wanted to challenge me on the definition of the word flakey. I don't know why. I told him that I understood it to mean someone that is unreliable. He said, no, you are quite wrong. It refers to a baseball person who is left handed. And then I diplomatically stated that I had never heard that definition, but since he is a learned man, then it might be so. This is when D. became obsessive. He stated categorically that his definition was correct, and that I was so very wrong. I told him when we got home, we would settle the matter by looking up contemporary word definitions on google. I called my daughter on my cellphone for him to hear what she saw as the final scene of the television show as she had watched the show with us, and I put her on the phone with him. She told him exactly what I had told him, plus she gave the same definition of the word flakey as I had.

This was when D. went off the semi-deep end and became infuriated. He wouldn't stop discussing this stupid definition all the way home, and upon arriving home began harrassing me to prove the definition of the word to him by showing it to him on the computer. He sat down on the couch, and all the while I was searching for a contemporary dictionary on the net, he kept slinging nasty comments at me about how wrong I was. I didn't let him unbalance me, but I did find it rather interesting to observe that both Bob and his ex each escaped away from D. in separate directions. I was stuck dealing with this old fart bugging me in my home about a word definition.
No matter how many definitions I brought up on the screen that proved I was right, he wouldn't accept any of them. He then tried to taunt me by calling me flakey.

If this was my friend (which it is not) or my houseguest (which it is not), I would have found a way to guide him directly to the door and bid him goodnight. Unfortunately, this is Bob's ex wife's husband who has made himself quite comfortable in our home,and I can't kick his ass out on the street because Bob won't allow it. Thus, I am going to have to draft a plan to deal with D. as they still have three more days here. Since he can not concede defeat, I don't care to argue any more with this obnoxious old coot who is a poor loser with a bad memory and not up to date on modern word usage. Since Bob won't come to my defense and my daughter will, I will let Genvieve calm his magnetic malfunctioning mind with her charm. If this doesn't work, he and his ex may have to find themselves a hotel. I will put up a sign near the front door that states: Mooches Enter At Your Own Peril.
He most likely understands this word mooch. I would bet on it.
When I awaken in the morning, my guides are giving me lots of ideas to write about, and thus, the morning is my best time to write for I am full of energy, information from my guides and downloads from my dreams. Today I received insight on a current situation that is unfolding in my home as I grokked the deeper significance and underlying storyline.

Anger, discontent and disquiet are instrumental in helping me to take the above mentioned information and actually write! If it weren't for what are the so-called negative emotions, I would perhaps never get around to writing for there are many wonderful things to do on a gorgeous Hawaiian morning. Thus, I am blest to have these negative emotions as companions to provoke me to get off my lazy okole and write even though the day calls for me to perform more practical duties.

I told Bob I finally understood his psychological profile for having his ex-wife and her husband stay with us, take over our living quarters, and sleep on our living room couches. He begrudingly agreed that this may be true. Duh?! I didn't see it for awhile, but my guides did! They have to help me through my density sometimes! :-) They showed me what is really in it for Bob: he gets to rub it in to his ex-wife with his beautiful new home, his new car, his beautiful family (Genvieve and myself), and thus, he gets his revenge for her taking all his money in a divorce many years ago. Bob is still angry for her leaving him and taking most of his hard-earned money with her. So in a way, this visit of Bob's ex-wife and her husband (as uncomfortable and inelegant as it is) is necesary as a karmic clearing, completion and healing for Bob and his ex.

One by one all of Bob's ex's have been showing up this year, and when I consider that this is his nine-year in numerology (the final year in the 9-year cycle we all cycle through), and that his new one year cycle wil begin in February, I understand that these completions are required for him to move afresh into his next cycle. It is fascinating to study and observe others, and with the tools of numerology and astrology, my understanding of others is so much more enhanced.

Studying people and all that goes with it is one of my favorite things to do. The Greeks believed that their Gods liked to interfere in our small lives, thus creating all the cycles, tragedies, comedies, and ridiculous soap operas that humans undergo. I have considered this philosophy, and perhaps we are all the playthings and puppets of the hyperdimensionals (the Greek Gods) who with their greater perspective and power have great fun messing with humans. Perhaps only those humans with awareness and knowledge can circumvent their meddling. The rest of the sheeple are caught up in the matrix. Of course, I like to hope this set-up is coming to an end. This part of me is the hopeful, positive part of me.

The concept of the organic portals as outlined on the Cassiopea and also the Montalk websites is an intriguing one to combine with the matrix. The idea being set forth on these websites (fleshed out with many details) is that half the population is of another type of being, an organic portal or OP for short. These OP are beings without a soul, and they interact with the human race unbeknownst to most humans. Perhaps they are sent in from Matrix Control Headquarters to be the monkeywrench in human affairs or to be the one that seduces another and causes disruption in a relationship, and to be the seasoning/reasoning for the human drama to unfold with more complexity and synchronicity so that the Gods are kept perpetually amused.

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