Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I'm listening to the newest CD by Tears for Fears titled "Everybody Loves A Happy Ending", and I'm thinking how true these words are in a personal respect, for I am being tested again with members of the human-dolphin tribe... and I would like to see a happy ending to my dolphin quest. I'd given up on the human-dolphin tribe years ago and written the lot of them off as a dysfunctional family, a great concept to fantasize about but seemingly unattainable in the 3-D universe. After dancing with these human-dolphin members after the publication of my book, I witnessed such monumental ego-clashes that I was fed up. Now here I go again, dallying with the ideals and egos again. Will it work this time? Will I find resolution and a happy ending? Like a moth to the flame, I am pulled once again to attempt to see if humans can actually collaborate without conflict. I do so with great wariness as it seems the trickster energy likes to utilize the dark underbelly of the dolphin ideals. Maybe the years that have passed since I surrendered my dolphin dreams and my nonprofit cetacean research organization have brought some changes? We shall see.

This latest chapter came into my life through a phone call by a man which I will simply call R. He invited me to a gathering where others of the human-dolphin tribe were gathered to explore the idea of making a dolphin movie. Since none of these people were in the movie business, this gathering reeked of dolphin dreaming.
I was intrigued that on the very same day that I spoke with R. I received a package and proposal from another man by the name of J. in regards to his different dolphin movie. It seemed such a sweet synchronicity... thus, I was emboldened to put on my spiritual warrior armour, gather my protection posse pod of two others around me and attend the meeting. Thus far, we have had two meetings, and I am more curious than anything else what this latest development is really all about. I have few expectations that anything will actually develop, but no doubt there are a few lessons here for me. Are the dolphins calling me to work with them again, or is this just another chapter on disappointment with programmed humans organized by a mad hyperdimensional scientist?

In any event, I am "showing-up" once again. Like an ad I saw recently in a magazine that read, "We began long, long ago. Perhaps that's why we still believe in fairy tales." There's a part of me that longs for unity consciousness and the One Heart, and it hasn't forgotten. It still believes in fairy tales. I feel that's true for all of us. Our longing may be unrequited, but it is impossible to extinguish.

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